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  1. oaklandrichie

    Flamming sounds in drum covers: Is it avoidable?

    This reminds of a local jazz drummer who tried out for AC/DC. This dude was amazing and could play anything, but he couldn't quite get the Phil Rudd feel and didn't get the gig. He said it drove him crazy trying to nail it.
  2. oaklandrichie

    hands are numb after long session

    Heat before playing; ice after.
  3. oaklandrichie

    How Often Do You Change Your Resonant Heads?

    The only time I change my resos is when I buy a kit and I don't like the heads. I have some drums from the 60's with the original resonant heads.
  4. oaklandrichie

    Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

    These are Cymbal and Gong Holy Grails: 14s, 20, 22 with rivets.
  5. oaklandrichie

    Looking for a sanity check on shipping time on a Reverb purchase

    Yes, that sounds right. My last UPS shipment cost $28 and took 7 days, so 9 days is within reason.
  6. oaklandrichie

    Removing drums from existing tracks

    Yeah, the Bill Evans trio can be difficult to play along with(as opposed to the hard-bop staples: Mobley, Blakey, etc). And it probably doesn't help that some of his frequencies are probably bleeding into the "drum track" and getting muted.
  7. oaklandrichie

    Removing drums from existing tracks

    I paid for the premium version and have been using it for a few days. It's not perfect, but it definitely works. It's good for practicing trading fours. The drums mostly disappear for four bars during the drum solo, there's definitely noise when the rest of the band comes back in, but it...
  8. oaklandrichie

    When's the right time to play with other musicians?

    I began drumming as a kid and immediately started jamming. The upside of this approach was that I got good at playing with others and quickly joined some bands. The downside was that I had no motivation to practice alone, learn rudiments, etc. Now, my cycle is: play with others, identify my...
  9. oaklandrichie

    Removing drums from existing tracks

    Just tried it on an old Monk tune (60's). You get a little extra noise, but you can reduce that by adding a little bit of drums to the mix (maybe 20%). Works well enough to explore. I'll try it out on a few more tracks. $40 a year isn't bad for this type of app.
  10. oaklandrichie

    Playing as if you are listening?

    Yes. This method has helped my time a lot. In Effortless Mastery, he says(paraphrasing): when you play, imagine you’re just listening to a record of the performance.
  11. oaklandrichie

    Headphone amplification help?

    Generally, headphone amplifiers are device-specific. I have one for my turntable which is made to drive headphones with higher impedances. I also have one for my laptop, which is just a USB stick. For studio use, I have Sony MDR 7506's which have about the same impedance as your AKG's, so I...
  12. oaklandrichie

    Headphone amplification help?

    I don't think you need any extra amplification. The impedance is listed as 62-ohm which is pretty easy to drive with most common devices (phone, laptop, etc.). If you had headphones like Sennheiser's HD600's (300-ohm), then, yes, you would want a little amp to attach to your phone or laptop...
  13. oaklandrichie

    Are bop kits worth it?

    I bought mine for tone, not size. I couldn't get the higher tones out of my rock kit without choking out the drums.
  14. oaklandrichie

    Does anybody have two of the same kit?

    I have two 60's Ludwig kits. One's 12/14/20; the other is 13/16/20. I swap out the toms to switch from jazz to rock. It's very convenient in my small practice room.
  15. oaklandrichie

    A Curious Thing I've Noticed when Practising

    As someone who has suffered with TMJ in the past, I would not consider chewing gum. A mouth guard, like the athletes wear, is a probably a better solution. Or just focus on relaxing. Most teachers will tell you that tension is the enemy of groove.
  16. oaklandrichie

    I'm too loud...aparently

    This is good advice. Sticks with smaller tips are helpful(sd2 bolero if you like a 5b feel). You could also try adding a little tape to the cymbals, moon gels to the drum heads. These are all things that have worked for me when I needed to dial it down without really changing my technique.
  17. oaklandrichie

    Playing along with cd

    In my situation, the latency isn't relevant. I just use it for audio. I don't care if the Spotify (or whatever) timer is slightly out of sync with what's being played. It could be five minutes late, as long as I'm getting the audio, I'm good. Well, five minutes would be annoying actually. :unsure:
  18. oaklandrichie

    Playing along with cd

    Taotronics make a solid one about the size of a matchbook.
  19. oaklandrichie

    Playing along with cd

    For rock, I was using an h4n pro with ultraphones. You just run your phone through it and you can mix the drums against the source music. For speakers, you could also try muffling all your drums with moon gels or towels to bring the levels down.