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  1. Mart61

    Look what I got for Christmas...

    ...amongst other things:
  2. Mart61

    Recording my drumming

    Hi Guys Don't ask me why but I have a hankering to attempt to record my drumming using a better setup than my iPhone camera and mic. I've never used a mixer or sound editing software in my life. So here's the thing: I'm considering buying a XENIX Q802USB mixer at about £65, a few cheap mics...
  3. Mart61

    Looking to buy a drum-related T shirt

    Hi guys Bit of an odd question but, as I'm heading into London over the weekend, I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere close to the centre that might sell drum-related clothing? Ideally I'd love a Ludwig, Yamaha or Istanbul Mehmet branded T shirt but, as I've always used Vic Firth sticks...
  4. Mart61

    The Northern Lights

    Just to assure GD that my camera can take colour shots, here's a few I took in Iceland a few weeks back: :D
  5. Mart61

    Some detail shots of my kit.

    Having played my kit for the first time in a while due, in the main, to work and family commitments I thought I'd take a few pics with my newly acquired Fuji X-T1: :)
  6. Mart61

    Bought a new camera

    Sold all my Nikon gear and bought a Fuji X-T1. Had a quick trip out to Grimsby Docks this morning. Light wasn't great but hey, I'm having a go.
  7. Mart61

    I have a new kit

    It's not very big though! :)
  8. Mart61

    So what's on your Christmas list?

    Well the time is approaching when relatives and friends will start asking what gifts you'd like for Christmas. So have you given it any thoughts? If so, what would you like Santa to bring you? Me? Well here's my list thus far: Brushes - Vic Firth Heritage...
  9. Mart61

    A stroll along Mablethorpe beach

    It's been a lovely day so my good lady and I drove out to Mablethorpe and had a walk along the beach. As you'll see, for a sunny day in August it's not a busy place. As you'll note we had a cup of tea and a bacon bap mid-point. :)
  10. Mart61

    Want to change my heads

    Hi guys I'm sure what I'm about to ask has been done to death and I have done a fair bit of searching and think I've found an answer. I want to look at putting new heads on my toms and have decided to do it tom by tom. I'm going to do the 10" first. My research on here has led me to the...
  11. Mart61

    Heart Attack and Vine

    This just played on our Sonos. Love this song, especially the line "Well I bet she's still a virgin, but it's only twenty five to nine!" Might try to play this. Sounds simple but slow. Slow is hard. :)
  12. Mart61

    Drinking and Drumming

    Following on from Madge's tennis thread, I was wondering how consuming alcohol affects drumming. Does your drumming improve after you've had a beer or two? I'm not talking completely bladdered, rather just a couple of drinks. I've not tried it yet but, some years ago, I did find my bowling...
  13. Mart61

    iDrumTuning my Stage Customs

    Hi guys Just spent a few hours tuning my kit using my newly downloaded iDrumTune app. Not knowing where to start I did a little Googling and found some "starter for ten" suggested frequencies for the 10, 12 and 16" toms. The snare I took the fundamental frequency by ear as to how I thought it...
  14. Mart61

    I'm Coming to Canada

    Vancouver to be precise. Any good drum or music shops I should visit? Any bargains to be had?
  15. Mart61

    My Lust Has Been Satisfied!

    Can you tell what it is yet? :)
  16. Mart61

    LM402 Lust

    I can barely get a rhythm going on my Stage Customs and yet I find myself lusting after a 402. Is this wrong? Do I need to seek help? :)
  17. Mart61

    Weber Smokey Mountain

    Just about to press buy on a 47cm (18.5") one of these. Are they any good?
  18. Mart61

    I'm sexy at last!

    Well, at least according to the BBC! Mine's more of a grandad bod tho! :)
  19. Mart61

    Got my first lesson tonight!

    18:30 in sunny Cleethorpes. :) This is where I find out how many bad habits I've taught myself. Wish me luck. :)
  20. Mart61

    A little video of my kit

    Sad I know. I obviously have too much time on my hands. :)