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  1. htkfred

    DW Slingerland

    Ok thank you, this is my first post. Nobody has a Pic? I'd love to see the Radio King, and see if they just cut the Bearing edge into the single ply? like the DW single ply, or add the solid re-ring? That's the Question, I'm sure they will fix the tom mount
  2. htkfred

    DW Slingerland

    Wow a lot of DW hate, I like what they did with Gretsch. the Slingerlands will cost though.I'd like to see an honest 3 ply Mahogany /poplar /mahogany and a maple/ poplar with re-rings and updated hardware, 1.6 COB rims, lightweight BD tom mount, and spurs. light tom legs .under $1500
  3. htkfred

    DW Slingerland

    I loved what DW did with Gretsch, Slingerland, hey 1979 was the last real Slingerland I bought. COB 14x5 for &100, nice. Niles Ill.
  4. htkfred

    George Way Aristocrat Maple/Poplar

    I put one on my watchlist just to see the "Million"? Dollar Baby Blue Finish, Love it, I didn't see a description of the bearing edge on the Geo Way Site, I'd like to know as well. The Snares look like 45 degree
  5. htkfred

    DW Slingerland

    Hey I know somebody must have an early/prototype photo of the new DW owned Slingerland drums? Does anyone Know where they will be built? Oxnard,CA?
  6. htkfred

    Ludwig Legacy Mahogany

    Make sure they don't move without real cases! (sound like a nervous dad) They can scratch easily. Fabulous kit!!!!!