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  1. jcdrum14

    Your Gold Teeth II

    Hey guys, I've recently decided I want to learn Your Gold Teeth II by Steely Dan off the Katy Lied album. It is such a complex arrangement, to me anyway. There are always a few bars of odd time thrown into the groove. If I remember correctly, it is Jeff Porcaro playing this song, and he...
  2. jcdrum14

    Critique from Jazz Band judge..

    Last night at a jazz band competition, our band was led to a room where each band was receiving a clinic on their performance where a professional would offer tips and suggestions on your performance. Well, it turns out the clinician happened to be a drummer. He commented on our cymbal choice...
  3. jcdrum14

    For you jazz guys...

    I've recently started my own jazz trio with a sax player and a bassist, and I was wondering if some of you professional jazz musicians can elaborate on your writing process for original songs, or how you go about arranging your own versions of things. Do you just jam or start with an idea and...
  4. jcdrum14

    4-way coordination by Marvin Dahlgren

    I am interested in getting the book "4-way coordination by Marvin Dahlgren" for Christmas because a new book filled with technical excercises. Has anyone worked from this book and can give me an opinion about its contents? Thanks, Happy Holidays
  5. jcdrum14

    What makes a song/groove cook?

    What makes a groove cook? Even something extremely simple in the hands of the right drummer will shake the room, is it something they have naturally, or maybe theyre connecting on an emotional level to their instrument or something else? What do you guys think makes a groove really groove?
  6. jcdrum14

    The Berklee Percussion Festival

    Hello again, this recently came in the mail for me, it is an advertisement for the berklee percussion festival, it is a five day festival, June 22-26. each day there will be 2 hours of class on your principal instrument followed by a one hour styles class on instruments related to...
  7. jcdrum14


    hello folks. i was just wondering if anyone online has participated in this competition. i was interested in possibly competing in it next year to see how far i make it...i dont intend to win...(nor do i think i could for that matter), plus the prizes are damn good.
  8. jcdrum14

    Joe Cusatis / Rudimental Books

    hey guys, i have finished working on Jim Chapins Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer with my teacher and he suggested I now look into buying one of Joe Cusatis' books : Rhytmic Patterns and Rudimental Patterns. If anyone has used these books or advice on which one to get i would...
  9. jcdrum14

    Jazz Band Tryouts in School...any advice?

    Hey Guys, on the 30th my school is having jazz band tryouts and this year it is being run by someone totally new..the chorus director for tryouts we have to demonstrate our ability to swing, latin and necessary fills, play up to the solo in "Ornithology" by Charlie Parker and play 40 bars from...