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  1. T_Weaves

    Back to Brooklyn I guess.

    Thought I had pulled off a sweet deal on some used Gretsch USA Customs. They came today and upon further inspection there's a 5 inch crack on the inside of the kick. It's not shipping related. Box looked fine. I can tell it's older/not fresh. It's too bad really as they are quite snappy looking...
  2. T_Weaves

    Anybody live near Bridgeton, Missouri ?

    There's a Gretsch USA Custom kit at the Bridgeton, Missouri Guitar Center for sale as a used item for a pretty decent price. It would be great if someone lived closed enough to put some eyes on it and LMK if there's any marks, scrapes or gouges on it. I'll send you a box of free usable drum...
  3. T_Weaves

    Hendrix Archetype snares

    Does anyone own or have played the Hendrix archetype stave snares? I'm looking at their 14x6.5 ambrosia maple and their 14x7 Walnut burst. Both in gloss finish. Thanks in advance for any reviews/replies. TW
  4. T_Weaves

    The context of a snare with a particular kit.

    Has anyone ever spent time getting a snare to sound the way you like with a certain kit only to find out it sounds totally different with another kit? I spent a week or so trying different heads on a snare I just acquired and never really got a feel for it, be it the sound, volume, or tone etc...
  5. T_Weaves

    I sold a kit and got a tree stump as partial payment.

    Sonor Vintage Series kit goes out the door. I wanted all cash but I was intrigued by an offer of cash + this 200 year old hollowed out tree stump. Having made the deal I figured I'd relist it as even at what I considered fair used market value it would bring me back some significant cash. Well...
  6. T_Weaves

    If you could decide for your favorite manfacturer's standard sizes?

    Sonor is my fave so I can use the SQ2 at significant cost but what would be your idea of pre-config standard sizes for your favorite manufacturer? Mine would be 22x14 10x8 12x9 15x14 16x16
  7. T_Weaves

    Cascio Interstate

    18% off discount thru weekend. Very reputable outfit. Discount code is on their home page. If an item doesn't qualify as an O/L purchase, call them and they'll get it thru over the phone. I don't work for them but I do recommend them. Have a great weekend...
  8. T_Weaves

    Wim de Vries !!

    Goodness gracious !! Just in case you wonder why I play Sonor.
  9. T_Weaves

    Prices on Asian built drums going up?

    I'm always poking around on ebay/reverb and I've noticed that prices of some of the kits produced in Asia seem to be heading upwards. Mapex Saturn Exotics for example used to be about $1499 for a 2 up 1 dn. Now they're showing up at $1749. The two up two down used to be about $1949. Now $2199...
  10. T_Weaves

    I liked the snare so much.......

    .....I bought the rest of the kit. Got a GREAT blowout deal on a brand new kit from Kyle at Chicago Music Exchange due to the Onyx finish being discontinued. Sizes are 22x14, 13x8, 16x14 to go with the used, matching, 14x5.75 snare that I picked up as used item.
  11. T_Weaves

    8 lug snare drums. Thoughts?

    Just curious as to people's opinions on 8 lug vs 10 lug snares. I've only ever owned one 8 lug and it was a throw in on an inexpensive kit. I'm more interested in better quality snares. Anybody?
  12. T_Weaves

    Mapex Saturn V 5 pc for CHEAP !!
  13. T_Weaves

    Gretsch USA Bronze inside and out.

    Just wanted to share a few pics of a Gretsch USA Custom Bronze that I got recently. In that I was ditching the stock head for a Remo PS3 coated. Huge difference. If you look close there's a reflection of my mug in one of the side shots. Made in in USA. I guess that's a good thing. Didn't we also...
  14. T_Weaves

    Cool Sonor AQ2 promo video

    I got a kick out this.
  15. T_Weaves

    Cascio Interstate 20% off sale

    Your best bet is to call rather than order online. Minimum purchase is $299 for the 20% off. 12% off with no minimum purchase. I just got a great deal on a Gretsch 6.5x14 Bronze snare...
  16. T_Weaves

    Sonor Delite set

    I got my Sonor Delite set today. Listed as "new/other". Some stick marks on the 10x8 and a small slit in the reso head of the 16x16 are the only imperfections I see. The rest of the kit looks like new-old stock. Finish is high gloss ebony. Saved a lot and I LOVE the finish. Sizes are...
  17. T_Weaves

    Black Friday Cyber Monday deals

    Not sure if this should be in the drum gear or Gen disc forum. anyhoo, Here's a really good deal on a Mapex White Widow kit. Street price has come down to about $2399 on these but if you hit the add to cart button on this site it comes down to $1599. That's 20% off an already low $1999. I have...
  18. T_Weaves

    new to me pre-owned Tama SC Maple 5 pc

    Bought off of Reverb, shipped in from Stockton, CA yesterday. Near flawless condition. 2013 Tama Starclassic Maple Piano White/Nickel hardware. 22x18, 10x8, 12x9, 14x12, 16x14. They sound pretty damn nice for first tuning.
  19. T_Weaves

    Best shell pack deal on 'net today 9.30.17

    I'm having to resist GAS in not scooping this kit up. 2014 5 pc Tama Starclassic MAPLE for $1350 shipped !! Pictures show it to be in mint shape and seller has 100% rating. I post this in the event someones yearns for a $2200+ thin shell maple kit but only has $1400 or so to blow. Comes with...
  20. T_Weaves

    Nice deal on a Saturn V

    Here's a good deal on a NEW 5 pc Saturn V red/blue sparkle set. Already low $1649 is reduced to $1402 with 15% off coupon code SWING15 . Free shipping too. I don't work for DCP but I did buy my...