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  1. chipotle

    Hollow Logs For Drums?

    Came across this http://www.icwoodllc.comsite the other day, and of course I couldn’t help but think this could be a nice alternative to stave construction and I wanted to find out what folks who’ve built drums think of the possibilities. Obviously there are a whole lot of issues to contend...
  2. chipotle

    RIP Buddy Miles

    I just read Buddy MIles died. Sad news. Just had to add one of my favorites.
  3. chipotle

    The Douchiest Drummers of All Time

    For what it's worth...
  4. chipotle

    Learning tunes yesterday and today

    The Lido Shuffle post reminded me of learning tunes "back in the day". We didn't have the internet. If I didn't know the song from having heard it on the radio I had to go buy the damn record. It wasn't likely a record I wanted for my collection. And I couldn't just scrub thru the song on...
  5. chipotle

    What were you doing at half your age?

    I no longer own the old place and don't have any digital photos of the place from back then. I was in the area last year and stopped in to see what the place looked like. It's weathered but still looks pretty much the same.
  6. chipotle

    Throne design

    I looking into a new throne and got to thinking about the designs available. Certainly a larger seat will be better. The "tractor" shaped seats look comfortable but for heel up players wouldn't it be better to extend support further towards the knee (sloping down slightly to avoid shutting of...