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  1. T.Underhill

    Need an energy boost

    Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Sugar Free. White can. I typically do not consume energy drinks but these will do the trick and it actually tastes pretty good
  2. T.Underhill

    'Celebrity' owned kits...

    I snagged a Phil Ehart drum set used to record Drastic Measures and Vinyl Confessions, from the person who bought it from Bennett. IMO it wasn't outrageous, especially when compared to the other Kansas kits he had available e.g., the white/copper and Monolith that were played live in the 70s.
  3. T.Underhill

    Different Member Levels

    Same here. I had another account before this one but was "banned" for being awesome. 15 years going strong haha
  4. T.Underhill

    Ever owned or played a "famous" drum set?

    I have Phil Ehart's (Kansas) Slingerland kit that was used for rehearsal and recorded on albums Vinyl Confessions (Play the Game Tonight) and Drastic Measures. Has his preferred Ludwig mounting hardware installed.
  5. T.Underhill

    Genisis Tour

    Agreed. If you're wanting early Genesis material go see Steve Hackett. High caliber band, awesome setlists, none of the production fluff and ridiculous prices. Just great music.
  6. T.Underhill

    Cascio Interstate Music News

    A shame. I ordered a bunch of things from Interstate late 2019 and received a phone call about shipping the items together then a followup call to see how everything went. My experience with their customer service has been outstanding. Similar to Midwest Percussion before they went under.
  7. T.Underhill

    People with 26" bass drums: WTF do you drive?

    Those people are boring. I'll keep it G but I've many a good time in a minivan. Lots more space. I'm on my 3rd minivan and that fits the 26, 14, 16, 18 kit nicely and much more.
  8. T.Underhill

    My vintage Werco acrylic kit

    Seamless shells with rail consolette, very cool. Do you plan to outfit the rest of the hardware?
  9. T.Underhill

    New Forum at a standstill?????

    FB groups have become more mature, specialized, and easier to use. As a 15-year veteran of this forum I'll say those groups are my go-to for assistance or classified needs. For example, if I need to repair a crack or seam issue on a vintage Vistalite kit, the FB group already has the answer with...
  10. T.Underhill

    Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz in Stranger Things 3

    Nah you didn't spoil anything, just wanted to remind others just in case
  11. T.Underhill

    Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz in Stranger Things 3

    Good point. This is a non-spoilers thread y'all!
  12. T.Underhill

    Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz in Stranger Things 3

    While watching Stranger Things 3, getting flooded with more 80's pop culture references and music has been part of the enjoyment. One of the scenes was especially fun to watch as Weird Al's 'My Bologna' is blaring. The drum track blew me away :D IMO you can't make a hit 80's era show that...
  13. T.Underhill

    Your personal least favorite set you actually owned.

    I've never heard a North set sound remotely good. There's a good reason faddish kits like those went bye bye, though you can't be faulted for giving them a go.
  14. T.Underhill

    Gary O'Toole departs Steve Hackett band

    For those who have listened to and seen Steve Hackett for the past 15+ years this is a bit of sad news. No news yet on any full-time replacement.
  15. T.Underhill

    Connecticut Vintage and Custom Drum Show

    Any members going to this? I'm considering driving up for my first CT drum show. Low consignment prices, Danny Seraphine and Kenny Aronoff clinics, Bill Ludwig III, signings, and of course a huge array of vintage and custom drums. Any insights or stories of past show visits are welcome and...
  16. T.Underhill

    A hard hitting cover of Limelight by Rush

    That's one way to do it....
  17. T.Underhill

    Woodstick Big Beat 2015

    Any members heading to Tacoma for this event? Sounds like a fun day, especially to raise money for charity. Drummers on the docket: Tony Coleman (BB King) Daniel Glass (Royal Crown Revue, Brian Setzer) Bryan Hitt (REO Speedwagon) Jeff Kathan (Paul Rogers, Spike and The Impalers) Eddie Mendoza...
  18. T.Underhill

    Twisted Sister / Adrenaline Mob Drummer A.J. Pero Dies At 55
  19. T.Underhill

    Epic Solo Blows Drummer Off His Throne

    Epic, drunk, or both. Either way....very entertaining.
  20. T.Underhill

    Chris Slade drumming for AC/DC again?

    There's a lot of speculation on Chris Slade re-joining AC/DC after they perform at the Grammy awards. Either way Phil Rudd was getting replaced due to at least his recent legal troubles and trial delays...