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  1. Rotarded

    favorite groove songs for you drummers?

    Songs I lose myself in the groove while playing: Use Me - Bill Withers Desire - U2 Long Train Running - Doobie Bros Home at Last - Steely Dan Lido Shuffle - Boz Skaggs
  2. Rotarded

    Liquid Courage for "Better" Playing?

    I am clinically diagnosed ADD, I also have suffered from stage fright early in my gigging days, and I am a singing drummer. I often have a drink or two (at the MOST) before sound check, just to knock the edges off. That's usually at least an hour before downbeat as I am always the first to...
  3. Rotarded

    Ludwig discontinues Bronze Supraphonics?

    Did someone say "rare" Bronze Supraphonic?
  4. Rotarded

    If you can only have one Snare drum….

    I guess it would have to be the one in my avatar. Ludwig LB417BT Black Beauty. The only one, out of 16, that is personalized with my initials, amongst other scratches and a diamond.
  5. Rotarded

    What would your fragrance be like?

    Bourbon, skid marks on Tide washed cotton, with a touch of desperation......
  6. Rotarded

    Drum Circles… Please explain

    Never participated in one, but have witnessed more than a few. My overall impression was pure unadulterated chaos. I noted a few had a "leader" of sorts, but there were far too many unskilled and/or undisciplined participants creating the chaos. I'd rather jump in a Hacky Sack circle, at 59...
  7. Rotarded

    City or country, urban or rural?

    Lived in a LOT of different places. As an Air Force brat I lived on base in San Antonio, then on base in the upper pennisula of Michigan, Off base in Omaha Nebraska, Northern Virginia while dad was at the Pentagon, and finally ended up in Dayton Ohio. I lived most of the next 30 years in suburbs...
  8. Rotarded

    Your practice area set ups

    The drum cave, 1 kit and a dozen or so snares ago.........
  9. Rotarded

    1970s (?) Ludwig Super Classic

    Power toms (deep toms) are not that desirable now. The 17" floor is not a common size and may not help. Are you selling it complete with cymbals?? I'd spitball an estimate, with what look to be low end cymbals, at maybe an absolute high of $800. The snare itself is becoming more popular and...
  10. Rotarded

    1970s (?) Ludwig Super Classic

    Chicago large keystone badge places them solidly at 1984. This was a one year badge before they moved to Monroe NC in 1985. The Standard snare was introduced in 1969, but could be early 70's as the serial numbers can not date it either. It may have a date stamp inside the shell.
  11. Rotarded

    Simple songs that are more interesting upon analysing them?

    This was one of my band's signature covers, which I love. Our bassist can nail it note for note. But yes, 16ths on the hats, at 142 BPM, for 6 minutes is a grind. Not to mention the bass drum doubles, that come in with the the 8ths on hats, 2/3rds of the way through.... We always ended the first...
  12. Rotarded

    Any guesses how high this will go?

    I was thinking it'll top out just over $400, maybe $425. I've seen too many crazy high numbers on inferior condition drums though....
  13. Rotarded

    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    They kinda did in 1976. Factory original imperials, one of 7 known.
  14. Rotarded

    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    This has been my go to since I found it last year. 1976 LM401 Lacquer over brass. Sublime!
  15. Rotarded

    What's the worst that can happen to a a flooded basement?

    Been there twice. Got lucky both times because I had my bass drums up on rubbermaid bins once in prep for a vacation, and I had built a 6 inch "stage", and put my other kit on my portable riser, after the first time. I'd recommend, at minimum: Check the sump pump. Make sure there is no debris...
  16. Rotarded

    Do most drummers hate metal ? as much as normal popheads? ( extreme metal)

    I don't "hate" metal, or metal drumming, Modern metal just does nothing for me. I lump blast beat metal drumming in with DCI. To me it is just an assault of incredibly fast click noises. I have great respect at the practice and skill involved in the execution of both, but my interest in...
  17. Rotarded

    Which Ludwig Snare should I get?

    You can't go wrong with any of the Supraphonic variants. I have Supras (2 Ludalloy, 1 Brass), a hammered Copperphonic, a Bronze Supra , a Black Beauty, a Lacquered Brass (401), and 3 very different Acrolites. All sound great, but each has their own voice. Hammering dries a drum out, taming some...
  18. Rotarded

    Vintage Drum Forum suspended?

    I'm getting this:
  19. Rotarded

    What are the simplest songs you play that you love?

    Agreed, yet many cover band drummers do not understand, or cannot execute, playing behind the beat. Something that Charlie does masterfully creating "feel" that is often missing in covers.