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  1. thiscocks

    Stevie Nicks track

    Hi, I wondered if anyone knows who played drums on the track 'Violet and Blue'. I think it was only released as a single on a soundtrack so hard to find any info on players. It sounds like it could be J Porcaro, but not sure. Its a really nice groove so was just inquisitive...
  2. thiscocks

    Song help

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the time signature in a section of this song which starts at 1:25. It pisses me off every time I hear it! Cheers, Tim
  3. thiscocks


    Hi, I thought I would put up some clips of some songs I recently recorded with some friends the other week.
  4. thiscocks

    Jeff Lorber CD

    Hi, I just purchased most of the tracks (mp3) of Jeff Lorbers cd "Heard That" but ofcourse I dont know which drummers played on which track. The Drummers on it are: Dave Weckl 'lil John Roberts Tony Moore Mike White Has anyone got the cd who can elighten me? Some really good stuff on there...
  5. thiscocks

    Buddy Williams

    Not sure why this cat isn't on Drummerworld (only wish list), as he is one of the most recorded out there. His credits are ofcourse far too long to list but my faves include: Bob james 'H', David Sanborn 'straight to the heart', and Luther Vandross 'Never too Much'. I really like is laid back...
  6. thiscocks

    Harvey Mason

    Always loved his playing. Amazing feel, and makes the simplest fill sound so good and well suited to a particular song. He never hits them too hard, sometimes v. delicate which I like. One of my fave traks of his is 'Danger' off Don Grusins 10kla album. Quite an over electronicly sounding album...