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  1. Freightshaker

    Need some advice

    I've been using Black Hole's and L80's since around March. I'm down in our unfinished basement and the wife often doesn't even know I'm playing. EDIT- I did end up removing the patch in the middle of the heads and they sound much better...IMO.
  2. Freightshaker

    Tune-Bot your method

    Martha and the Vandella's "Nowhere to Run" is what you need.
  3. Freightshaker

    The Song Every Drummer Tries to Play But We All Play it Wrong

    Be wary of Alesis. While you will get the most drum for your buck, they have quality issues.
  4. Freightshaker

    Other People in Other Professions who Play Drums

    I knew Tuukka played drums but didn't know about Chara. Go B's!!
  5. Freightshaker

    Best place to put an acoustic drum set in California?

    I'm set up in the basement and using Black Hole heads and L80's for when the wife is home. She says she can barely hear me, unless I'm playing hard.
  6. Freightshaker

    One song you've played more than any other.

    More Than a Feeling. Boston's debut was one of the albums that taught me how to drum.
  7. Freightshaker

    Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs for Drums

    My favorites to play are: 1. Darlene 2. Since I've Been Loving You 3. Whole Lotta Love 4. The Rover 5. Thank You
  8. Freightshaker

    Long lasting changes because of the Coronavirus

    I think many restaruants will find that call in/pick up orders are a viable revenue stream even after things go back to 'normal'.
  9. Freightshaker

    Polarizing bands/singers.

    Stone Temple Pilots; some consider them tag alongs to the grunge scene, others view them as a prominent grunge band.
  10. Freightshaker

    I'd like to hear about your accomplishments and/or things you are proud of

    Not drum related, but I have accumilated over 1 million accident free miles as a long haul trucker. I accredit it just as much to not 'bumping' into the wrong driver as to safe driving. Sometimes you can do everything right and still get hit.
  11. Freightshaker

    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    This album taught me how to drum.
  12. Freightshaker

    On what albums do you think every single song is excellent?

    I call these albums "Needle Droppers" since it doesn't matter where you drop the needle, it's a great song. A few that haven't been mentioned: Iron Maiden: Number of the Beast and Piece of Mind April Wine: Nature of the Beast Bad Company: Bad Company Foreigner: 4 Lynyrd Skynyrd: Pronounced...
  13. Freightshaker

    John Bonham- Ramble on

    I've also read that it's a guitar case, and most likely a dub; but either way, I play it on the rim.
  14. Freightshaker

    Anyone ever been to the Funk Music Hall of Fame in Dayton, OH?

    The locals I work with (I'm new to Dayton) tell me it's closed, but I've read that it's open by appointment only.
  15. Freightshaker

    Performing songs cold

    Our praise group has one practice before the service, but playing the service might as well be cold since the group leader changes the arraignments on most of the songs. I've started practicing just segments of the songs so I can mix and match the new arraignment.
  16. Freightshaker

    Reckless Love

    I've played this with our praise group and it's a fun song.
  17. Freightshaker


    I use them as a warm up, alternating between RLK and LRK at varying tempos, and also crossing over Bonham style just to add something different. I really like incorporating them into fills and often use low tempo linear triplettes in fills with my church group.
  18. Freightshaker

    Post your Tune-Bot settings

    I have a standard Yamaha Stage Custom Birch with Emperor batters and Ambassador resonants; bass has Pinstripe batter and Powerstroke resonant heads. I've recently changed my tuning to both heads being equal. 10" B2 224 12" G#2 180 16" E2 144 14" E3 Batter 229 Reso 343 22" 72 This tuning is...
  19. Freightshaker

    Common Classic Rock Shuffles

    When in doubt, just assume Hal Blaine... :) Wiki says it was Panama Francis.