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    Walopus Drum Wrap (The Business) is for Sale

    Hard? No. Orders are coming in daily and have been for years.
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    Walopus Drum Wrap (The Business) is for Sale

    Hey everyone, Long time since I was here last. Long story short, this pandemic has brought upon quite a few changes in my life and I am no longer able to give Walopus the attention it deserves. If you, or someone you know would like to operate a small drum wrap business, contact me at...
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    Why don't more snares come with wires under the TOP head?

    Because the wires act as a damper it yields a VERY dry sound...
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    The Yamaha Stage Custom Hierarchy?

    The current SCs are all birch and IMO the best ones. They have YESS mounts, ISO gaskets. Only 6 lugs on 14, 16, and 18 toms/bass drums. The earlier Indonesia made ones are nice too but mixed woods. The birch/oak/falkata sounded great but was only available with the Noveau lugs. Not only prone to...
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    Chrome plating them will cost more than they are worth.... and before plating you have many, many, many hours of work getting them ready...
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    Pearl Short Fuse finish type?

    Most entry level pearl are just adhered with d/s tape at the seam... Even if fully adhered... it comes off easy with a heat gun... Todays adhesive is nothing like the vintage stuff.
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    Opinions: 13x3 steel vs 12x7 maple as main

    LOL no, no royalties... haha...
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    Opinions: 13x3 steel vs 12x7 maple as main

    I have a 12" sensitone that I absolutely love! Is it not available any more? (Love the midtowns- My fave jungle kit)
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    Should I Port My 18x10 Kick?

    Definitely don't port it!
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    Sonor Safari AQ2 Kit- Damaged bass drum bearing

    It won't cause any issues or audible sound degradation, but there's no way I'd accept it anyway. It's just not right. Send it back!
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    Which kit really sounds like THIS ?

    "Which kit really sounds like THIS ?" - An electronic kit
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    Kit composed of pieces from different kits?

    I would and often do mix. Even different floor tom from the rack tom.... It's great!
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    Any other source for bearing edge re-cutting other than Precision Drum Company?

    As already stated, Nothing to it! All you need is a router table!
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    which shell?

    Your insight is as always appreciated! Makes total sense!
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    which shell?

    LOL... Do you have any idea who you're attempting to educate? "I'm not sure why you deny the bad effect of glue on resonance since this is a longlasting problem from guitars, loudspeaker boxes, to drums." -He explained, in detail exactly why PVA has little or no effect. I manufacture...
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    EMADs are great 'til they start to rattle....
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    Ludwig Backbeat

    Cheap chinese drums... Just like Mapex Tornado or even CB... They used to call these "Accent Combo"
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    Does the existence of this drum kit seem crazy to anyone else?

    EXACTLY! It works every time.
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    Does the existence of this drum kit seem crazy to anyone else?

    Actually, there is a logic... Although the subtle and top 10 finishes will greatly increase the pool of potential buyers, I always wrap my own kits in something unique and way out there. Especially if I plan on selling them right away. Why? I don't care about how many potential buyers I...
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    Building a Bop Kit

    You can find all you need to know and more in the DIY section of