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  1. wsabol

    Anyone ever done musical gigs?

    I've done one, and I've been offered another, but don't know whether to accept. I'll freely admit that I like musicals, despite what this does to society's idea of my "manhood". Even more, I like lending my playing ability to young people who want to act their heart out and develop an...
  2. wsabol

    Short clip of a cover with a great band

    I'm trying to be more active here again, especially in other parts of the forum. But I've got a good clip for your viewing pleasure of a deliciously amazing band I occasionally play drums for. They have a lot of great originals, but here is a quick clip of us playing Fireman by George Strait...
  3. wsabol

    Cold Sweat - burning cover - barely holding on?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to shared this and open it up for any comments. it a cover of the James Brown standard. I take a solo in here somewhere - I make no claims of its greatness. Hope you Enjoy!
  4. wsabol

    Red House - thoughts If you are willing and able, id like some comments on my performance here. I know the camera isnt pointed anywhere helpful, but stylistically, feel-wise, i wonder if the blues masters among us have any comments. Very much appreciated. Thanks everybody.
  5. wsabol

    Tony Cymbal talk. Hilarious / Jazz Robots

    Dude. Killing. lmao. These are hilarious.
  6. wsabol

    Channelling my inner Stave Jordan

    this is a simple recording I made on my phone of 'Up to the Mountain' with an Americana folk band I play with. Seriously these guys are so dope.
  7. wsabol

    Another Jazz/Funk/Groove Album. Check it out

    I shared an album by my band The Conglomerate a few years ago with some good reception. Now that we have another one (of much much better quality), I thought I do another share. I'm playing on my maple Keller kit I...
  8. wsabol

    Seriously cool way to bend wood (SCIENCE. YEA!)

    Instead of a steam bath to soften the lingum bonds in the wood, this guy uses ammonia. It essentially does the same thing - disrupts the hydrgogen bonding between the lignum structures to temporarily soften the wood, but the reults are freaking cool. I don't have any experience steam bending...
  9. wsabol

    Must See: Clyde Stubblefield / Joe Dart Concert and Clinic

    In Chicago, Wed, Jan 28. I would go in a heartbeat if there were any way I could get to Chicago. I'm seriously over the moon with how crazy this pairing is, and how excellent this clinic could be. If you are not familiar with Joe Dart / Vulfpeck...
  10. wsabol

    Red Clay - So swollen with trumpet jelly

    Hey guys. I had one of the best weekends of my life about a month ago recording with some great musicians and my dearest friends. We had a lot of fun, and if you can appreciate this epic quiz: You'll know just how much...
  11. wsabol

    Supra > Acro

    I've been using an 1976 Acro for a few years, and its been my favorite snare all of that time. This is true for a few obvious reasons. I've been hesitant to get the Supra because of how similar the two drums really are. On paper they are essentially the same drum with only two differences (that...
  12. wsabol

    My 50 HURTS SubKick. MUAHAHA

    I built this subkick, and designed some special modifications of my own to make it.. more awesome. I used a 6.5" woofer, and installed a 20 dB pad. The major modification I integrated in this microphone is an RLC circuit. These circuits behave like a mass on a spring (or a drum haha): if you...
  13. wsabol

    Got called for a Session, YAY! Gear Upgrade?

    So, most of the stuff I'm playing now is funk, or folk-alternative stuff. And I've been happy with my gear, namely my Bosphorus Wide Ride and an '76 Acrolite. I also have a 14x5.5 keller maple, and a 14x5 vintage Gretsch COB that I use too. But I just got called to do a session for a southern...
  14. wsabol

    Bad Bass players!! AHHH

    A drummer's worst nightmare, or at least mine. I'm in this afro/funk band right now, and in general its awesome. We are playing cool tunes, a few of us are excellent players, and a few aren't, but that's ok. Or it would be ok if the rhythm section was tight. I'm not perfect by any means, but...
  15. wsabol

    Gadd ... playing Evans?

    Evans???? .... anyone? Beuller? Mrs. Gadd just posted some pictures of Gadd, his kit, and his band. Any idea whats going on here? Its probably nothing, just an isolated incident... but it sure is intriguing!.. thoughts?
  16. wsabol

    1960 Ludwig Snare Identification?? This seller advertises this as a 1960 Ludwig Transition Badge snare. It has the transition badge, but I can't identify it in the vintage drum guide catalog scans. I really just want to know if its a Maple/Poplar or Mahogany/Poplar shell. Can...
  17. wsabol

    Miking options with Wood Hoops

    I've been thinking about wood hooped kit recently and wondering what options you have, and what issue arise, for close miking the drums in a live setting. I'm talking about the modern yahama style wood hoops, not the vintage ones. Does anyone have any experiences with this? Do they sell...
  18. wsabol

    Going to see Galactic tonight!

    .. with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. I'm way too excited. I'll have pics and stuff tomorrow fersher. Has anybody here ever seen them live?
  19. wsabol

    Vintage Acro/Supra Question?

    Ok. I've seen this a million times and I've always wondered what the deal is. Ludwig drills two holes for the tone control knob stacked one on top of the other about 1/2" apart. One is for the knob, one is for a support screw. The bizarre thing is: Sometimes the tone control knob is in the...
  20. wsabol

    Selling Beats?

    Anyone ever done this or know someone who did/does? I'm intrigued by the idea of selling grooves to rappers/producers/dj/etc. and would like to hear any stories anyone has on the topic. Obviously you need to have some contacts in the rap game and all the legal stuff taken care of. Other than...