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  1. inneedofgrace

    Would you lend your snare drum for this?

    See what Purdue engineering students did to produce a Coke commercial:
  2. inneedofgrace

    Unique cover of Billie Jean

    Talk about multi-tasking!
  3. inneedofgrace

    Correlation between drumming and typing skills?

    I know this is a really wacky question. But as I sit here typing responses to some of the threads on DW, it almost feels like I'm working a drum solo, even crossing over certain fingers to hit keys in a sequence, and with some type of rhythm. It seems that those with dexterity skills would...
  4. inneedofgrace

    Does your outfit match your drums?

    Like hers?
  5. inneedofgrace

    Too much time between songs during a gig

    I've been at gigs where it takes the band way too long to end one song and start the next one. It can happen for a whole host of reasons, but it's usually due to one of these: 1) Guitarists switching guitars 2) Guitarists tuning guitars 3) Front man trying to talk too much (shout outs to...
  6. inneedofgrace

    What do you see in this photo?

    To me, it's a tad out of focus. LOL
  7. inneedofgrace

    McCartney/Wings Rockestra recording (Holley, Bonham, Jones on drums)

    I assume this was done in the late 70s. Not a real difficult piece of music, but cool to see all these musicians. BTW - what kind of drums was Bonzo playing? Guitars: Denny Laine, Laurence Juber, David Gilmour, Hank Marvin, Pete Townshend Drums: Steve Holley, John Bonham, Kenney Jones Piano...
  8. inneedofgrace

    a "moving" audience is a unique experience

    Yesterday, my church sponsored a float in the local Memorial Day Parade in NJ. This is the 4th or 5th year we've done this, with our band playing for about two hours. The float was basically a metal trailer pulled by a pickup truck. The parade was very slow moving, with several stops along...
  9. inneedofgrace

    Have you ever gigged or practiced without a bass player?

    Last night at church the band played without our bass player - we were relegated to singers, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and drums (sax player was also absent). After the service, my wife commented that the band sounded really good and tight. I have to agree, but the question is why? I have...
  10. inneedofgrace

    Most awkward song transition (or middle 8)

    I was always liked McCartney's song Band on The Run. It was virtually three distinct songs in one, but they all seemed to build upon each other and sound like they fit together. But one song that always bugged me was Lionel Richie's hit 80's song Say You Say Me. The song has a nice mellow...
  11. inneedofgrace

    Cheesiest Music Videos from the 1980s

    I'll start this one off: Caught Up in You - 38 Special It probably cost them about $100 to make the video. Check out all the bad hair and awkward dancing!
  12. inneedofgrace

    Can you ace this quiz?

    How many artists can you name, that Jeff Porcaro did session work with? Of course, this is only a partial list.
  13. inneedofgrace

    Back in the saddle....sort of

    Last night my rock and blues band had their annual gig at a fundraiser for a local fire company. I am not nearly ready yet to play full time, after my cancer treatments and major surgery. But the band wanted me to play a few songs with them, so I agreed. They have had a couple different...
  14. inneedofgrace

    Was this a false start by Bonzo?

    I was watching my Led Zeppelin concert DVD last night (one of my all-time favs), and I noticed that at the beginning of Whole Lotta Love, it seems that Bonham came in prematurely (about 7-8 seconds in). He then stops playing and comes back in when he did on the record version. Right...
  15. inneedofgrace

    Go ahead - have a barrel of fun

    What wood is this kit made of?
  16. inneedofgrace

    The human body as a drum kit At first from a distance this guy looked like Chumlee from Pawn Stars.
  17. inneedofgrace

    The Tide is High - yay or nay?

    In 1980, Blondie released The Tide Is High and it was a massive hit. The song was different from the usual material Blondie had on her albums. I've always enjoyed the orchestration of the song, especially the strings and brass. When I heard it this morning I was concentrating on the...
  18. inneedofgrace

    Does the term "unplugged" make you nervous?

    Does "unplugged" mean "no drummer needed"? It seems there was a big push for unplugged concerts back in the 1990s, but I'm not sure it is as popular today. I've done a couple unplugged type accoustic sets with one of my bands. I stand up front, play shakers and tamborine, and sing. It's...
  19. inneedofgrace

    Handclaps in recordings - yay or nay?

    Handclaps have been used in song recordings since at least the early 60s. The Beatles and George Martin were known to experiement with them in the studio. What is your opinion of handclaps as a supplemental percussion sound? I think for the most part actual handclaps have been replaced by...
  20. inneedofgrace

    batteries not included

    Back around 1980, just before I bought my first kit and started playing, I remember going to see a popular band play at a local nightclub. During one of the sets, I was (obviously) focusing on the drummer. He started to look distressed about something. Then a roadie came over and started...