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  1. Chollyred

    Retiring at the end of the month!

    I think it's kind of like having a baby. If you wait until you can afford it, you miss the good years. A couple of months ago, I was pushed into a transportation job after someone else left. Was pretty much left on my own to learn how to do the job as there is no documentation and no training...
  2. Chollyred

    Drum head thrift and guilt

    What?! Change heads?!!! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Unfortunately I've been known to keep them on until they're almost unplayable. Maybe i just don't hear enough difference to spend a boat load of cash for new ones until then. I'll keep tweaking until they just don't sound decent anymore...
  3. Chollyred

    It don't matter to the soundman...

    Went to a festival yesterday with 12 bands. Got to sit with the sound man for a couple of hours. He is the sound guy for "Tool". He could make a cheap set of CB MAXX sound as good as a $3000 set of DW. I asked him about the port hole issue. He prefers the hole simply for Mic placement, but...
  4. Chollyred

    The Music Uniform

    I don't even own a tour shirt or anything with a band logo on it. Generally, it's a plain tee, a polo for slightly dressier events, or a Hawaiian shirt. I'm a dork! An old dork! And pick up after your dog!
  5. Chollyred

    I need a new job.

    Brother, I'm in the same boat. Almost got mad enough to quit today. I'm probably lucky I didn't get fired. They brought in a new manager that really rubs me the wrong way. Maybe I'm just getting too old. I've been applying for jobs, a lot of resume' reviews, but no bites. I have tons of...
  6. Chollyred

    Beat up old drum set - what do I do with it

    I took an old set, cleaned it up and changed heads, and gave it to a new drum student. Her instructor was floored that she had everything she needed; most beginning student have nothing but a snare drum and dreams. I told her that if she decided drums weren't for her, or if she upgraded to a...
  7. Chollyred

    Inspirational Quotes

    Don't tell me to change until you know what I do.
  8. Chollyred

    Share your most embarrassing on stage moments

    Been there! My first drum kit had the ride cymbal mount on the bass drum. Not quite tight enough and you could watch it slowly fall over, almost always at the most inopportune time. Another time was a near miss when we were playing on a flat-bed truck. One of the legs of my throne slipped into...
  9. Chollyred

    Share your most embarrassing on stage moments

    Naaa....No matter how well you're prepared, some of this stuff just happens! Ever heard of O'Toole's Observation?
  10. Chollyred

    Share your most embarrassing on stage moments

    My worst was actually playing guitar. I used to hang out at an acoustic guitar forum and a bunch of members there started holding regional "gatherings". They finally had one relatively close so I went, even though I was a beginner. Keep in mind that some of these guys were monster players and...
  11. Chollyred

    Listen to your hearing

    A bass player buddy's wife developed Meniere's. The vertigo caused her to have several falls. They tried everything to treat it to no avail. They finally had to remove her inner ear, so she's completely deaf on that side. She says being deaf is much better than the Meniere's... Her husband, the...
  12. Chollyred

    Thinking about cutting off cable.

    I've spent a lot of time lately watching movies on Tubi, Xumo, or Crackle. I don't even mind having commercials! We have 4 cable boxes so the bill is now about $220/mo. It's insane! If I can get my wife off it, I'll cut it in a heartbeat. Problem is that she's at home full time and can't go...
  13. Chollyred

    Thinking about cutting off cable.

    Yeah, about 50 miles out plus having a very hilly topography. We had satellite for several years, but it went out every time it rained (or even got very foggy).
  14. Chollyred

    Thinking about cutting off cable.

    Our Comcast is not nothing but re-runs of all movies and TV shows. I spend more time watching movies from 3rd party apps. However, the wife likes certain animal shows, and British shows. Is there a streaming service that covers the British stuff? I've found several animal channels on the free TV...
  15. Chollyred

    Drum truths that defy science, gravity or explanation..................

    Too early in the morning! My head hurts! :D
  16. Chollyred

    Drum truths that defy science, gravity or explanation..................

    Ever hear of O'Tooles Observation? "Murphy was an optimist!"
  17. Chollyred

    Found the secret to tuning drums!

    After reading all of this I feel like a luddite! I learned to tune by ear almost 50 years ago. Then went on with timpani, xylophone, bells, etc. While my drums sound good to me, I'm sure many here would think they sound like garbage. I can see the tools help find a ballpark tension, but every...
  18. Chollyred

    The BLACK thread

    I used to have a plain black wrapped kit and it always felt like an entry level kit. I just could not fall in love with it and gave it to a young lady learning to play drums. I don't care for any of the matte finishes, and most wood finishes just feel boring to me and belong at home or in a...
  19. Chollyred

    Your first band

    First band was a gospel group named "Rosewood Garden" after the rosewood fingerboard of a guitar. Played our first gig around 1967. I was 11 and played my old JC Penney stencil kit. Won a "Kiwanis Capers" talent show and got a 1 song exposure on local TV. Lead Guitar - Paul (went into the navy...
  20. Chollyred

    You know you’re getting old when...

    When you have to dig 2 holes that are about 2 feet in diameter and 18" deep and it takes 3 days to recover! Ooops! Make that 4 days... :(