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  1. Totigerus

    What do lyrics mean to you?

    I guess ya got me on that one.
  2. Totigerus

    What do lyrics mean to you?

    I can prove to you that lyrics are not important to "most people". "Every Breadth You Take" by The Police is one of the most popular wedding songs in all of the English speaking countries in the world. Sting has gone on record saying people come up to him constantly thanking him for their...
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    That's Not What I've Been Told! Drum Sound Physics

    Don't forget tuning! :giggle:
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    KC Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Prog Rock Drummer of the Year

    Since when is jabbing someone in the chest with two fingers illegal?
  5. Totigerus

    Tom Sawyer - Rush. - RIP Neil Peart (3 yrs today)

    I've talked to you about modding PDP drums on YT before. I didnt realize you were here too. (y)(y)
  6. Totigerus

    Does anyone still make a reasonable 20" floor tom?

    dont tease me baby. Show me those pics :love:
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    Programmed Beats That Have Insipred Your Drumming

    oh man eyes without a face :love: i wish i had thought of that one. Also flesh for fantasy (y)
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    Programmed Beats That Have Insipred Your Drumming

    At the very least , the roland claps inspired me to play claps inbetween my beats from my OCTAPAD, and those were inspired by this song. Not sure about the rest of the drums though. Maybe the hi hats were programmed too. Would be nice to find out. Pretty sure there were overdubs with the toms...
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    Where is Rikki going?

    I guess you’ve never heard Neil Peart talk about his Sabians before. 🇨🇦
  10. Totigerus

    Where is Rikki going?

    More updates and his reasoning behind the switch.
  11. Totigerus

    Share your clever drum hacks

    Ahhh. Ok. that’s genius. And I have those parts already. I never would’ve thought of that myself. Thank you. 👍🏼👍🏼
  12. Totigerus

    Share your clever drum hacks

    How do you take the cymbal stem part off? The part where the cymbal usually goes.
  13. Totigerus

    Share your clever drum hacks

    Do you have any pics of that? I've been looking for a mic boom solution for years for myself.
  14. Totigerus

    Share your clever drum hacks

    What kind of tape do you recommend? I bought pic related, but it came off after the initial set up and subsequent rehearsal. Do I need cloth tape and not polyester? This is in conjunction with a cheap, Target, fake, Persian, throw rug type deal. Inbetween shag and industrial grade I guess?
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    Gretsch mahogany

    I thought the saying went “ it’s worth whatever someone is willing pay for it”
  16. Totigerus

    Where is Rikki going?

    you guys called it!
  17. Totigerus

    Mapex Pro M

    OMG I'm living that nightmare right now 😾 🔫
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    Smaller gig kits

    I remember you from a thread a few weeks ago. So good. You decided to get the 16 floor after all. I think you'll be glad you did. Life is short. haha I myself just pulled the ripcord on an 18 floor tom add on for my PDP concept maple. Only problem with my situation is I have to wait SIX MONTHS...
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    Getting to know the four piece drum set

    +1 Also, it really depends on what kind of stage you're playing on. I just bought a 8 piece i wanna use badly, but my next gig has a stage the size of a shoe box. Good thing I bought a 20" in addition to the 24" bass drum for just these types of situations. I might even go with a zero up, one...
  20. Totigerus

    Deeper Snare Tuning-General Advice/Guidance

    I know OP said he only wants single ply coated, but this might be the point of contention within. Just in my experience. I stuck to my coated Ambassadors for years because I thought that's what I was "supposed to do". Thicker snare top heads changed my world. I mean, you bought the new snare to...