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  1. figure_02

    Percussion/cajon teacher in L.A?

    Hi all! How's it going? Been ages since I've been around here. Fun to check my old topics, haha. First of all, if this should've been in the "drum technique" section, please move it! Anyway, I am traveling around the world at the moment (studying tablas in India right now), and heading to...
  2. figure_02

    Myspace with some jazz standards

    Hi guys! My quartet recorded a couple of tunes last week; Wave and My Funny Valentine. The lineup is drums (me, dah!), guitar, piano and bass. I would be really happy to get some feedback! (the two other tunes are older ones, with a different band) And...
  3. figure_02

    Moving to USA (LA/New York)?

    Hi people! Lateley I have gone around thinking about how it would be to live in USA, and try to succeed as a drummer. I am 20 years old, and live in Norway, where I am from. I know that going across the ocean with "surviving as a musician" in mind is way to optimistic in my position, but I...
  4. figure_02

    Help me with a project: Evolution of the drumset

    Hi fellow drummers! I have a schoolproject now, and I am writing about the evolution of the drumset, and how drums have influented and/or changed in different musicgenres such as jazz, rock, pop and world music. I am thinking to write about the evolution of the drumset from the 20's up to this...
  5. figure_02

    A couple of songs from studio. Good music!

    Hi people, I havent been here for a while. I just wanted to show you a couple of songs I tracked for a singer this christmas. I really like the music and her voice. Drumwise its not much to show off, I just did what I could to add to the mood. Oh, and this site is norwegian, but you should be...
  6. figure_02

    Check what I just got off eBay!
  7. figure_02

    Does Steve Gadd actually use his signature snare drum?

    Well does he? I love his sound, and I need a new snare. I know he have three models, birch, maple and steel. Does he actually use these or is it just some kind of salestrick?