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  1. brentcn

    Any experience with Ludwig Mahogany drums?

    Any experience with Ludwig Mahogany drums? How do they stack up next to maple? Trying to talk myself out of a new kit haha...
  2. brentcn

    Missing CD Audio for The Essence of Afro Cuban Percussion by Ed Uribe and Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band

    Anybody own these books and the accompanying CDs? I bought Essence of Afro Cuban Percussion and it's missing the CD; I must have lost the Big Phat Band CD during a move to the new place. Could someone share the audio with me if they have it?
  3. brentcn

    How would you treat this room?

    So in the middle of all this craziness, we moved! The basement in the new place has been completely finished, and it's all mine to use a practice/teaching/recording studio! They did a very nice job, with the drop ceiling and recessed lighting, but of course this is all terrible for sound. The...
  4. brentcn

    Funk groove for a friend

    A bass player posted on FB that he was looking for some funk drum grooves to jam along to. So I sent him this:
  5. brentcn

    A Super Easy Way to Use Rudiments in Fills

    Much of what I've seen on using rudiments in fills, I've never found myself playing -- the stickings are weird, the rhythms are lame, and the notation is awful, and mostly, the end result is boring and unimaginative. So, I wanted to share this little lesson on using rudiments in fills. Obviously...
  6. brentcn

    St. Pat's gig "highlight reel"

    Played a super fun gig a week ago with my usual trio, plus a guest keyboardist (who's a baaaaad mf!). So much went right about this gig, I have to make a list: 1. I'm loving these Yamaha Club Customs! 2. Got to jam Fly Like An Eagle which is one of my favorite grooves -- maybe I should make a...
  7. brentcn

    Cold Sweat

    Jamming on some Cold Sweat from a fun little pickup gig last summer...
  8. brentcn

    Wedding/Corporate Band website recordings

    Since there's been some discussion about bar bands, original bands, and corporate/wedding bands, I thought I'd share this. The website has about 20 or so tunes that were recorded a few years back for the wedding band, and I'm playing on most of them (20 out of the 25 or so that have drums on...
  9. brentcn

    What Songs Would You Like to See Transcribed?

    If you could download the drum score for any song, for free (or for cheap), what titles would you want to see? There are lots that are already out there, and most are very accurate! Here are a couple sites that have lots of free or cheap drum transcriptions...
  10. brentcn

    Questions to ask drum students

    Hi all. Over the years I've developed a sort of questionnaire to ask young (and not so young) drummers, to get them thinking about their playing. I'd be curious to see your personal responses, but also, how you would like a good student to respond. Q1: When in a song should you play a crash...
  11. brentcn

    Slingerland Radio King - experiences?

    Hey, wondering if any Radio King owners can advise -- do modern heads fit well? I have an older Gretsch RB, and a Ludwig, and the heads fit, but just barely. Same deal with the Radio King?
  12. brentcn

    An actual drum solo (i.e. not a "cover")

    Hi all, here's a short solo (1 min), with shameless stick tricks, and then bringing in the (damn good) band. Enjoy! (Nothing against drum covers, btw. Just trying to stand out.)
  13. brentcn

    Licensing your drum tracks?

    Granted, most studio session contracts are work-for-hire agreements, where the performer releases all claims to the recorded material in exchange for pay, but has anyone signed a contract in which you, as the performer, retained some rights to the material, and determine how the material gets...
  14. brentcn

    Which clamp is best for tablets?

    Anybody mounting their tablet PC off their hi-hat stand? Which mounting bracket works best? Does it have an extension arm? I have an iPad 3...
  15. brentcn

    Random Practice Intervals = Better practice! Just wanted to share this. Best article I've read on practicing since the 10,000 hours idea! I have a student who is trying to get a handle on the basic rudiments. I suggested he practice 4...
  16. brentcn

    Anyone near Arlington, VA?

    Found a used kit there, but the owner won't ship, so I guess I'm looking for a favor... Cheers!
  17. brentcn

    Video camera at audition

    Hi all, I showed up for an audition (classic rock covers), met the band, and sat down to play. Before we started, the bandleader's girlfriend, without saying a word, reaches over to turn on a video camera. No mention of this on the phone or in the texts leading up to the audition. Now, this...
  18. brentcn

    U.N.T. - Post Grad Experiences?

    Hi everyone, If you've gone to U.N.T. or similar music university program (I'm mostly interested in the jazz studies program alumni I guess), please share your experiences! I'm very curious to know what someone with this level of training and experience goes on to do professionally. Are you...
  19. brentcn

    Puresound Custom Pro 20s w/Nylon straps...

    are awesome! I'm in no way affiliated, but I just put on a set of the Custom Pro 20-strand on my old Gretsch snare, and it was instantly improved. Odd, considering the stock snares were 42 strand, and the snare bed is quite deep. The little tabs that touch the head near the snare bed really...
  20. brentcn

    Ankle Shaker (a la Shawn Pelton)

    Hey, anyone know where to get a shaker that belts to your ankle, like the one Shawn Pelton usually plays/wears? You can see/hear it in the newest MD Fest video. I've google searched, and all I've found is African percussion with a similar idea, but not what I'm looking for.