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    Better cheap hardware: Ludwig 400 or Gibraltar 4700?

    Hello, I asked this question in the Ludwig Breakbeats review thread, but since it's a hardware question I thought I'd ask here as well. I just got the Breakbeats kit this past weekend and really dig it so far. I just has so much personality. Since it just comes as a shell pack, I'm using...
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    Aquarian vs Evans muffled bass heads

    I'm looking at bass heads Musicians Friend and trying to compare pre-packs. The Aquarian has a Super Kick I batter and a resonant head, both with their "Floating Muffling System" Evans has an EQ3 pack or individual EMAD heads. Both get good reviews, but the Evans are a good $30+ more for the...
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    Advice for an old newbie?

    Hello, all. I just found this place and thought I'd seek a bit of advice regarding cymbals. I used to play in the late 80s/early 90s. It's been quite a while, but as soon as I find a place to set up the old kit I want to start playing again. The set I bought back in the day came with 14"...