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  1. kindbeats

    The "Sticks In Space" Solo Series

    "Sticks In Space" is an experimental solo series focused on sonically interpreting planets, constellations, and other space phenomena. There are no rules here, just exploratory freedom. Episode 1 is a short interpretation of entering the void of outer space, having just left the Earth. It's...
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    The "When Nature Calls" Meditative Series

    "When Nature Calls" is a new meditative series that focuses on interacting with nature rhythmically. These are lengthy and incredibly minimalist pieces that are perfect for relaxation, meditation, sleeping, or even interacting with. They're based on Billy Martin's concept of "stridulations"...
  3. kindbeats

    The "Painting With Percussion" Solo Series

    I'm stoked to finally bring you the first of five new series! "Painting With Percussion" is an experimental solo series that revolves around using drums and percussion to explore and sonically interpret paintings, photos, film clips, sculptures, dances, and any other form of visual art. It's a...
  4. kindbeats

    Interesting Interpretations of the music from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

    I recorded a Christmas album of my own interpretations of Vince Guaraldi's music from the classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas" three years ago in an effort to help raise funds for schools in need of music education programs. I hold a fundraising performance every December and below are a couple...
  5. kindbeats

    Interpreting A Visual Piece of Art For The Drum Set

    Hey guys and gals! This is more of an abstract post but I truly hope a few of you enjoy it. Drummer/percussionist/all around creative SOB Billy Martin recently released a visual art series that he refers to as the "Disappearing" series and I decided to interpret one of the drawings on the...
  6. kindbeats

    NEW Charity Album: Interpreting the Music of A Charlie Brown Christmas (Help Fund Music Education!)

    Happy holidays, everyone! :) I'd like to present my new charity holiday record, "A Very Kind Beats Christmas: Interpreting the Music of A Charlie Brown Christmas", which was recorded in an effort to raise money for schools in need of music education programs. A Very Kind Beats Christmas: The...
  7. kindbeats

    A Special Christmas Album For You To Listen To

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Here's a special gift from me to you. "A Very Kind Beats Christmas: Interpreting The Music of A Charlie Brown Christmas". This is not your typical Christmas album, so enjoy the music and if you dig it, hit me up to see how you can purchase a copy. 100% of the sales...
  8. kindbeats

    A Recent Samba Gig With Samba Novo

    Here's a clip of Samba Novo serving up some sizzling samba at the annual carnaval celebration at Sparkling Pointe Winery in Southold, NY. This is just a brief glimpse of what it's like to get down with us. #SambaNovo #NewYorksBest #OverThirtyYears #samba #batucada Samba Novo at Sparkling...
  9. kindbeats

    #TheProcessProject: An Open Challenge For All To Participate In

    Fellow drummers, I've decided to start a fun challenge called the Process Project, and it's something that I would love everyone to participate in. The idea is simple: start working on something new (it can be anything from a groove or song to working with a metronome or reading) and document...
  10. kindbeats

    "Wake 'n Break" Series

    Hey DW, it's been a while. I've decided to start the "Wake 'n Break" series, where I will sit down at my drums every morning and try to come up with a random drum break. I figure it will be a fun way to force me to try and come up with new ideas, as well as make sure I get my ass back behind...
  11. kindbeats

    A Fun Spin On Two Traditional Christmas Carols

    Hey everyone, I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas today had a wonderful day, whether by yourself or with friends and family. Here's something special I recorded on Christmas Eve after some holiday inspiration. Merry Christmas folks and here's to a happy new year! :) God Rest Ye Merry...
  12. kindbeats

    Upside Down Samba. Say What Now?

    Hey folks, here's an idea that I recently came up with and turned into a lesson. It's an upside down samba! It's definitely a limb twister for sure. I hope some of you dig it! :) Return of The Groove: Lesson 10 - The Upside Down Samba
  13. kindbeats

    Dirty Quarter Note Triplet Shuffle, Anyone?

    Hey everyone, here's a lesson breaking down a dirty little shuffle over a quarter note triplet ostinato on the bass drum, as well as transitioning back and forth between the quarter note triplets and a standard shuffle. Hope some of you dig it! Return of The Groove: Lesson 9 - Dirty Quarter...
  14. kindbeats

    Playing Clave Patterns Over Back Beats

    I thought it would be interesting to post a lesson demonstrating how you can alternate between playing 4/4 and 6/8 clave rhythms with your hi-hat/ride hand, all while maintaining a steady back beat in 4/4 time. This lesson simply shows one idea that I had, but you can come up with a TON of your...
  15. kindbeats

    Experimental Drumming Techniques: Lesson 4 - Set Your Phasers To Drum! (The Stick Rub)

    Hey folks, This latest installation not only focuses on a fun technique that I use to replicate the sound of a phaser fx pedal or a filter, but it also demonstrates how it can be applied to a groove situation. No plugs or power outlets necessary, just a set of sticks and some drums! Hope you...
  16. kindbeats

    Experimental Drumming Techniques: Lesson 3 - Cymbals/Metal On Drums

    Hey everyone, Here's the newest installment in the Experimental Drumming Techniques series. Lesson 3 focuses on some of the effects we can get by placing cymbals and other metallic objects on our drums, as well as demonstrates several ways that they can be applied to groove situations...
  17. kindbeats

    Experimental Drumming Techniques: Lesson 2 - Get A Set of (Rubber) Balls

    Hellooooo! (in the my best Mrs. Doubtfire voice), Here's the second lesson in the new "Experimental Drumming Techniques" series. This installment focuses on a cool way to coax some pretty dark and eerie sounds from out of your drums, using simply a brush and some mini bouncy balls that you...
  18. kindbeats

    Experimental Drumming Techniques: Lesson 1 - The Cymbal Scrape

    After a quiet 2013, I'm finally back to making videos on the regular and to kick things off, this is the first installment in a new educational series that will be focusing on experimental techniques for both the drum set and percussion. It's important to remember that there is no right or wrong...
  19. kindbeats

    Drumset And Stand Up Bass Improv

    I recently found a video of an experimental improv session from back in 2009 on an old SD card. It was just myself on drums/percussion and my friend Jon Berretta on stand up bass, so I put together a short montage of some cool moments. I hope some of you dig it! Andrew McAuley and Jon...
  20. kindbeats

    New Free Form Solo

    Hey everybody, Here's a free form solo that I just dug up from my computer. It starts out slow and sparse but slowly builds in intensity. I know free form isn't necessarily everyone's bag but I hope some of you guys enjoy it! :)