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  1. longgun

    Blasphemy! - Pic Heavy

    Hey guys. I've committed drum blasphemy. After several complaints from my better half, neighbors, etc..................I decided to jump to the dark side. Due to my schedule, I normally can't practice until after 8 o'clock...............and I was making too much noise for the...
  2. longgun

    Does anyone know what this is?

    I was looking for old Ludwig cymbal mount for a bass drum Found these mounts, but I have absolutely no idea what they are or how they are used. Anyone have an idea? Here is the pic from ebay and the listing
  3. longgun

    Paiste Drums

    Searching on Ebay and saw this listing for Paiste Drums Personally, I've never heard, nor seen any before Anyone ever seen/heard these? They remind me of the 70's Japanese kits Here's the link...
  4. longgun

    Clayton Cameron

    I never heard of Clayton Cameron, and I've never been too into jazz music But this video blew me away His brush work is amazing and the dialogue was great Amazing IMO
  5. longgun

    Carolina Drumworks - Drum! Magazine

    Just letting you guys know................ The current issue of Drum! magazine has featured one of our DW members drums, MotleyH and Carolina Drumworks were in the "Meet your Maker" section on page 105. It's short, but a good write up. Congrats MotleyH
  6. longgun

    Vic Firth Signature Sticks - Weird break

    Hey guys, Was playing a medium sized gig last week for a wedding. We were playing the song "The weight", so no "heavy" drumming, very light in fact. I'm using the Ahmir ?uestlove signature the way they feel, especially for the lighter stuff. In the middle of the first...
  7. longgun

    New 18" A Custom China - Cheap

    Not sure if anyone has posted this yet................ Best buy is currently having a sale on 18" A Custom China for under 130 bones. Ordered one last week and it showed up Saturday..................perfect. here's the link...
  8. longgun

    Stick Holder

    About a year ago, I made a stick holder out of PVC and mounted it to my Hi-Hat stand where I've always had it.........worked great. Started to take apart my drums to bring them to a jam and my son (8 yo) was helping me set up He attached the DIY stick holder to my seat..............and it...
  9. longgun

    Sabian SBR ??

    Does anyone own a Sabian "SBR" cymbal? Unless I misunderstand, they are reworked B20 "pro" level cymbals...........and the prices are amazing. Just seems too good to be true.........normally you get what you pay for. Thoughts?
  10. longgun

    Zildjian Z3 sale

    Best Buy has some Zildjian Z3's at great prices....... right now, they are on sale............the 12" splash is under $60 and the mastersound hats are under $150 just thought I'd let you all know in case anyone's in the market for some new cymbals............I've never messed with the Z3 line...
  11. longgun

    Modified Acro

    Hey all, just wanted to share some pics of an old acro that I redid.........let me just start with....I Love acro's...I have three.....a newer " "Camolite" and now this. Picked this up for $ was in bad shape....cleaned it up and put some trick hardware on...
  12. longgun

    Snare Drums - Updated A/B Demo / Comparison

    This is an updated demo of four of my snares......just to get an idea of the different sounds from each snare. After some comments on my earlier thread, thought I'd try and adjust and make it a bit better.....Moved them into my "drum room" where the sound is not as reflective....tried tuning...
  13. longgun

    Snare Drums - A/B Comparison

    Hey guys, this is a short demo / comparison of four of my snares......just to get an idea of the different sounds from each snare. The snares are as follows: 1 - 14 x 5 Ludwig Supraphonic with tube lugs 2 - 14 x 6.5 Ludwig Black Magic 3 - 14 x 6.5 Bearing Edge Custom snare 4 - 14 x 8 DW...
  14. longgun

    New Snare.....GAS has flared up again

    Just picked this up about a week ago for my son's a great deal on it. All I can say is is beautiful and sounds is a "Bearing Edge" 10 ply maple with maccasser ebony interior and exterior....has brass lugs, puresound snares and a trick...
  15. longgun

    Mic / Mixer setup

    All, I have just purchased a mic kit and should be here today or tomorrow. My question is what is / are the best mixers to run your mics into? Personally, I have never done this, so please excuse my ignorance on I need an xlr input for every mic? can I put them all into one...
  16. longgun

    Phil Collins Signature RBDR ride

    Just picked this up in a trade this weekend.....It is a Phil Collins Signature Raw Bell Dry Ride from Sabian. From what I can gather, there were only 2000produced. Mine has a serial number of 1115. Still not sure about it....I was so used to my A custom flat ride....a whole different animal...