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    robot playing a drum cover to the Ramones

    Wow is this for real??
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    stupid deal

    Her's a nice deal for the young aspiring drummer at MF. Looks like a great deal!
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    My Yamaha Tour Customs

    OK I finally got a pic of my kit but keep in mind I am still trying to find what I like and need more cymbals. My new Ludwig LM 402 snare looks right at home. I have it crammed in a small bedroom atm.
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    Led Zeppelin & LOTR's

    Any LOTR's (Tolkiens' Lord of the Rings) fans here? (I never saw the movie but have read the books.) Can you name the songs that have LOTR's references?
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    Pocket Drummer

    There is a cool free drum app for Ipod Touch called the Pocket drum. You can play a drum kit with you fingers. I believe its available for Iphone also.
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    Ludwig LM402

    I have been wanting a Ludwig snare for some time and ordered a new one from MF and with 10% off I think its an excellent buy. Its gonna sound great with my Yamaha Tour Customs.
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    Drum tech

    sorry maybe this was inappropriate please delete.
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    1970's Vintage Original Staccato 8 piece "Thunderhorn" Drum

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this kit? Are they worth $11,000.00?