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    How can a drummer be expected to know....

    How can a drummer be expected to know how hard/loud to play his drums, ESPECIALLY the snare, when he is sitting behind all the speakers? This is such a common occurrence and I heard it again last night at a casino. It was a nice 6 piece pop/R&B band. No mics on the drums (not necessary). The...
  2. N long should it take to learn....

    ...the intro to Def Leppard's Rock Of Ages? It should be a no brainer, right? Just keep the cowbell going and it's a simpleish kick and snare pattern, right? I had to map it out and play it at least 50 times before I could keep the cowbell going at the end of the first half. After maybe a...
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    First gig with our new guitarist

    Private party last month. Our new guitarist was born in 91, a decade after the music we play was current :). He could easily be my grandson :)
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    My A to E kit at work

    We kind of found a niche doing private party gigs. 4 or 5 times the money of a bar gig and usually only a couple sets. The 50th birthday event seems to be a huge demand right now because we have several lined up..
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    SPD-SX storage

    I just heard from a reputable source that the SPD's memory is just a simple flash drive. This means you can open up the SX and simply plug in a larger one. I have heard lots of people complaining about the limited space but never heard that it was easy to remedy.
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    My 80's cover band *updated

    We venture into the 90's a bit, but generally stick to the 80's "hits" We take the time to record everything (in the living room) so there are no questions about who does what, when. We get it to sound as good as we can and use it as a benchmark.
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    1/4 vs 1/8 notes. Degree of difficulty

    Why is it harder for me to play songs that have 1/4 notes instead of 1/8 notes as the "time keeper" would you know why it's harder for me. Let me rephrase. Is it harder for anyone else (here) except me to play songs that have 1/4 notes instead of 1/8 notes as the "time keeper"...
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    So, the wife says.............

    At my cabin in the mountains, she says "Why are the bar stools always left like this"? So, I said.....
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    My cover band

    Here are our first few recordings. (edit) I don't know where that first suck ass "song" came from. It's obviously not our work.
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    Saw Journey last night

    I realized last night that I hadn't been to an arena concert since David Bowie in 1983 lol. I saw Journey last night and it was a great show except for one thing. The drummer had those snare drum looking kick sub mic things on his kit and they mixed them way too hot and over powered the sound...
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    Does anyone make......

    Does anyone make a "one piece/whole kit" drum case? It seems like a waste of time to put each drum into an individual case and then transport them one at a time. I'd like to find a lightweight, fiber or plastic case that would hold all my (4 piece kit) drums. It would only end up being...
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    This is getting easy

    I started building acoustic/electronic conversions a couple years ago and I'm really happy with the outcome. Easier set up with no racking and I get to have full sized drums. I found an inexpensive small kit with a 20" kick and decided it would be a good gig kit (small is good, right?) This...
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    Heh heh. Isn't a Lead Guitar, Bassist, Drummer, and a Clean Vocalist pretty much the whole band? :)
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    So......what is a fill?

    From the "Plan your fills" thread. What is a fill? I always assumed a fill was simply a deviation from the back beat, often used between song segments (verse to chorus transitions etc.) Also, often over used to keep up from feeling bored :)
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    Where is the "best kit" thread :)

    I know it's a stupid question due to so many variables and I did do a search but found nothing. I've been broke since 2009 but I finally have some extra cash. I don't want to do something foolish like save it for the next time the economy comes crashing down, I want to buy the best sounding...
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    Modifying a double pedal

    I want to modify a double pedal to create more floor space on the HH side. I want the pedals to be on the right and left side of the kick with a separate beater mechanism in the center, attached to the kick. It's the way I have my E kit set up and I'd like to recreate it on my A kit. Does...
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    I just saw Phil Collins :)

    I was flipping thru the TV channels and I just saw Phil Collins on Miami Vice. I had forgotten all about it. It was even better because it was on Telemundo :)
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    Craigslist ads crack me up....

    I see a lot of this: ".....prefer a mixture of john bonham/steve gadd type drummer." They are not asking to much from an amateur Craigslist drummer :)
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    Well, there is an hour I'll never get back.

    Yep. I just spent a full hour on the intro to Blondie's Call Me. Normally I just play something close but for some reason, I felt the need to play it as written. I'd heard it a thousand times and no idea it would tax my brain so hard. I just wasn't feeling it. I tried for 20 minutes until I...
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    Strange gigs.....

    I will soon be driving across town to play a 5 PM gig at........a car dealership? What the hell? I've played my share of dive bars and empty venues but there was always alcohol being consumed and at least a handful of people dancing. This kind of thing is very foreign to me. Wish me luck...