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    Butt kicker anyone??

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before but nevertheless my question is about a butt kicker mounted to a throne. I know about the "Porter & Davies" I believe it's called, for I have played on one before a few years ago and was amazed. Bottom line is I don't have the funds to throw down on one...
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    New tax laws regarding PayPal, VenMo and Zelle

    Yea cuz they would rather steal yours then generate their own.
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    Music that moves you to tears

    Not sure if this song has been mentioned or not but if you couple a depressing time in your life and Zac Brown's "bittersweet" that'll make you shed a tear or two or at the bare minimum choke ya up. Actually come to think of it Billy Joel's "lullabye" has choked me up a few times, not that its...
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    What's your latest purchase?

    Ever since I tried them heads, it's hard to use something else.. Great heads that are warm, durable and punchy.
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    question about behringer P1

    Gotcha. Thanks for the info.
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    question about behringer P1

    Awesome thanks.. Another quick question, someone told me about that the p1 maybe no good if it's speaker level.. And that it only works with line level, whatever the hell that means lol. Is this true and what's the difference?
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    question about behringer P1

    Old thread but I'm going to piggyback on this question for a extremely noob question.. I have a gig coming up late Jan, nevertheless I never used inears at a gig before.. Been out of the gigging game for some time now, so anyway I use inears at my rehearsal space with an xair 18 and all but I'm...
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    Your practice area set ups

    Monthly rehearsal space with my band and my home away from home.
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    What's your latest purchase?

    As I'm new to this forum and glad I found it for I see it has cool peeps that give good advice and whatnot.. Anyway I was playing mainly a sabian AAX freq set for sometime now, along with some zildjains and a few low budget splashes, I recently treated myself for the holidays to the meinl fam...
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    Gavin Harrison here!

    First post here and I'm quite surprised to see a drumming legend respond to legit questions. Not to say you are higher then thou but hey you are The Gavin Harrison lol. Anyway not going to bombard you with questions, just wanted to say I'm glad porcupine tree is active again as many are...