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    Hey guys, brushes cover here):cool:? Original track without drum ?
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    How about Brushes?

    Original tracks without drums here?
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    Jazz lovers here?

    Hey Jazz Lovers how are you ✋ ? Brushes , Time , Practice.? No click, No quantized minus track ;) Anti fancy paradiddle ddl.... stuff. Sorry no 3000bpm double bass drum? Just Music, Jam & Fun . Happy Labor Day ????? Thank you
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    Brushes practice))

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    Waltz for Debby

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    Just fun jam with rec etc
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    No more blues(brushes)

    Just brushes practice with RECORDING :cool: ? ? :coffee: Original track ?without drums, so you can use it like backing tracks.?
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    Brushes Brushes

    Playing, practice with recording, etc Original track? without drums , so u can use it like backing track
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    7/8 DRUMS

    7/8 beat AKGc314 test& logic pro x.:cool: ? ?
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    Warm Up

    Warm Up?????? Simple idea, many variations.
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    GoPro test ,drums.

    GoPro hero7 + zoom recorder ,test. :cool: ? ? ???????
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    Just regular stuff, Solos / Grooves. Vintage cymbals/drums etc.
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    Original Music

    Hi everyone Another original tune??? This song is about my favorite place in NY Upstate. Big Indian located in Catskill Mountains, near famous Town of Woodstock.??????? If you looking for a place to reset and enjoy the nature, highly recommended.!!!!!! Hope you like it. Thanks?
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    brushes practice

    Hi ,Just playing brushes with records. Usualy practice routine. Try keep time ,dynamic etc. By the way this tracks originally without drums, so you can practice too. Thank you
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    Folk song in Jazz

    Hi,I'm excited to share this video from a studio session Belarusian Folk song in Jazz arrangement. Hope you like it Thank you
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    Hey ? I'm excited to share this video from a studio session ? New project with original music.Hope you like it Thanks
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    7/4 and 16 inch hi hat

    Some experiments with cymbals etc:cool: