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    I am rubbish. Online lesson/structured practice recommendations?

    Drumeo is also specialized in online lessons.
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    The Music Uniform

    Personally Im wearing the classic "Metalhead Uniform" most of the time. Its what feels most comfortable to me, also with the addition of some form of Camo pants I get big ole side pockets for all the stuff I usually carry around with me, so added practicallity for me. I could not care less what...
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    If you could go back in a Time Machine, who would you want to see live?

    80s Metallica Pink Floyd Bob Seger Pantera Dio 80s Sabbath Zeppelin Alice in Chains Pavarotti
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    Romain Goulon here!

    Old Thread but a non-forgotten drummer. Still love this guy. something old somethin new
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    The Hack - Aftermath

    Pardon my french, but you´re a bloody F*****g Legend, mate!
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    currently Im beeing challenged by divorce... its not a fun one, dont reccomend.
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    Parent asked me not to teach practice pad.

    Im in no way shape or form a professional anything when it comes to drumming, but I have been asked to show/teach my niece to play drums. we started together when she was 8, roughly 2 years ago. She is my first "student" and Ive never taught anybody or even considered it, so it was/is a learning...
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    Eloy Casagrande

    just found this guy. Dunno how I missed him yet, but I guess cant know everybody. Super impressed with this guy on first glance. quite Technical, groovy and super hard hitting. im gonna have to do some catching up on Sepultura to do it seems.
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    Lyrics you just got wrong

    oh boy, as a non-native speaker I have a few of those :D Amon Amarth - Asator the Line "His hate is pure, see the lightning strike" when the Song first came out, we where trying to figure out the lyrics by ear in the Band Forum. what came out was "His head explodes, see the lightning strike"...
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    Holiday Season Greetings....

    Happy Holidays everybody!
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    Orlando Drummer Signature Snare by Entity Drums from Australia

    for people looking for something a bit more unique and exotic comes this 12x5 Snaredrum made out of Australian Hardwood. Looks pretty cool, not a huge Fan of the hoops, but the Wood itself is beautifull and I have to agree with the guy, the sound is pretty strong for such a small snare.
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    Is he not as popular as I think he should be?

    in many great Lists, on this Forum and other mediums where there is talk about Rock, classic Rock and "the Legends of old" there are always the same kinda names that pop up, people talk about Kansas, CCR, Cooper, Styx, Rush, Cream and so on and so forth. Somehow, a Name that would pop into my...
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    jay weinberg signature snare.

    Now you make that Snare one that he actually played, with the original Heads and an authentication Certificate, we get into an area where I would still not ever buy it, but think about considering it... if I had the money to spare for a Collectors Item... the way it is now? Holy Hell, thats a...
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    Benny Greb - Effective Practicing

    Edith wants to add that he answers a lot of questions from live chat, and also reads a chapter from the book.
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    End of fills

    I´ve seen an interesting Video by Benny Greb about how to approach fills in general some time ago, and have been trying to switch it up since then. always depends on what works within the Song of course, sometimes a big ole Crash on 1 is just what it needs, but more often than not it steps on...
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    Steve Smith Plays a 1930s Slingerland Kit

    what a beauty
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    short mindset "lesson" on when to move on from a specific Practice

    I dont really know wether or not this fits here, but it seems like it might. not so much of a lesson but more of Mindset advice on when it is time to move on from any particular thing one is practicing at the moment. What do you guys think about this? how do any of you "measure" when to move on...
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    Kerim "Krimh" Lechner

    Fair warning, extreme Metal Drums ahead, so not everybodies cup of tea. This Man has been, imo, a cornerstone for Extreme Metal Drumming for Years and years now. Unfortenatly he has not gotten the Recognition I find he deserves and has not played consistently in any Band or another, but has...
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    Why does everyone make fun of Lars?

    Trashtalking Lars is Pretty trendy. especially in the Instagram and Youtube years, where People Focus on Speed, fills and flashy… Lars was badass in the 80s. I think Cliffs Death has left a massive crack in how the Band itself viewed what they wanted to make. simply Keep doing what they where...
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    What are the first 3 memorable rock concerts you attended?

    if what you want is the experience of a festival, I would suggest in terms of metal Fests, they are number 2 behind Wacken, at roughly half its size. But of course it doesnt come with the prestige of having said "I was at Wacken" as for other Festivals...