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    Orlando Drummer Signature Snare by Entity Drums from Australia

    for people looking for something a bit more unique and exotic comes this 12x5 Snaredrum made out of Australian Hardwood. Looks pretty cool, not a huge Fan of the hoops, but the Wood itself is beautifull and I have to agree with the guy, the sound is pretty strong for such a small snare.
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    Is he not as popular as I think he should be?

    in many great Lists, on this Forum and other mediums where there is talk about Rock, classic Rock and "the Legends of old" there are always the same kinda names that pop up, people talk about Kansas, CCR, Cooper, Styx, Rush, Cream and so on and so forth. Somehow, a Name that would pop into my...
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    Steve Smith Plays a 1930s Slingerland Kit

    what a beauty
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    short mindset "lesson" on when to move on from a specific Practice

    I dont really know wether or not this fits here, but it seems like it might. not so much of a lesson but more of Mindset advice on when it is time to move on from any particular thing one is practicing at the moment. What do you guys think about this? how do any of you "measure" when to move on...
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    Kerim "Krimh" Lechner

    Fair warning, extreme Metal Drums ahead, so not everybodies cup of tea. This Man has been, imo, a cornerstone for Extreme Metal Drumming for Years and years now. Unfortenatly he has not gotten the Recognition I find he deserves and has not played consistently in any Band or another, but has...