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    Mapex tom mount - a robot in disguise?

    What do we feel about the tom mount? It’s not what I’d imagine for a bop aesthetic, but I don’t know if it’s so jarring it’s actually cool?
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    Any light feel Hi Hat suggestions for my problem ankle?

    I’m struggling with my left foot. I play an old DW5000. I’ve cleaned out all the old grease but it’s still making my old ankle ache - it feels quite heavy and sluggish. I play heel up and down (increasingly heel down). I wondered if anyone had experience of a very light feeling hi hat (or one...
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    13” brass snare thoughts: Gretsch 6 lug?

    I’ve a lovely Canopus Maple 13” and want to get a 13” brass to contrast. I saw a Gretsch 13” with only 6 lugs and wondered whether anyone had tried it. It has die-cast hoops so tuning should be stable and I like a spongier feel. I’m not tuning super high so tension shouldn’t be a problem. I do...
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    Does anyone have George Way Bronze snare experience?

    I’m after a bronze snare and this has come up at a great price. The YouTube clips all sound great so I don’t think I can go wrong, but just wondered if anyone had any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Softest Smoothest Quietest China ?

    I’m after a china cymbal (not an ozone type crash), but as my kit is in a small room a conventional loud and brash china will be too much. I’m after 20” so it’s not too high and piercing and my other cymbals are very much on the dark side. (I’m not concerned by the brand) Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Zildjian Trap Stack FX Clap cymbals

    Hi - does anyone know if these are going into production or were they just a one-time special edition. The sound and pitch sound better for me than the Istanbul stack and I hope I can get one in the future.
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    My Tama Dyna Sync revelation... and wish

    I’ve been an Iron Cobra Rolling Glide guy for years and wondered about the DS. So I got a second-hand one to mess around with. It felt really heavy at the end of the throw but too light through the rest. I tried everything in the manual. The answer was to throw away the manual and remove the...
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    Recommendations for a really smooth 16" - 18" crash - any brand

    Hi - can you help? My kit is set up in a really bright room and won't be moving for the foreseeable future. I've been playing a long time and look after my ears, but I'm now finding that my current crash cymbals have aggressive upper mids that I'm struggling with even though I play pretty...
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    Can anyone help with fixing DW 5000 hi-hat?

    Hi - I want to change the seat assembly (pictured) as tilter has broken. I've removed the grommet on my old one but it won't come off for love nor money. Am I missing something really obvious? THANKS!
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    An easy way to make a small bass drum sound huge ...

    ... try the Danmar Zorro bass drum beater! I bought one on a whim and can’t believe what it’s done to my 18” bass drum. (I have been using a felt iron cobra beater with an Iron Cobra.) The sound is massive - dense with a huge thump - especially from the player’s side. I’ve developed quite a...
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    DW 6000 bass pedal – might it be for me (and can you adjust the footboard angle)?

    Back in the day my pedal choice came down to an Iron Cobra or a DW 5000. I like a heavier feeling pedal, and the Iron Cobra just pipped the DW to the post. I've been playing the same pedal for years. But now I'm after something a little lighter to help my old foot out (but I've tried pedals such...
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    What's the one exercise you are doing right now that's having the biggest impact on your playing?

    I was on a different thread where someone was touting a swerving, curving, corkscrew hand technique that seemed like it wouldn't be useful even if you put the time in to master it (apologies if that sounds unkind). But it got me thinking about things that we really feel were worth the time...
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    The best drums for tuning high without choking?

    I've been getting into high tension tunings on a 10 / 12 / 14 configuration - I love the feel and how they activate with the lightest touch. I wondered what kits / drum construction to look at to maximise resonance under high tension. I have a Sonor Prolite at the moment and I’ve found that the...
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    Steve Smith’s Cast Steel Snare

    Does anyone have any experience with this? I’ve never got on with steel snares, but I heard him play live and this drum sounded incredible. Any thoughts?
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    Real or fake?

    There's no substitute for the real feel of a band playing in a room, but if you're recording your stuff in a small flat on a budget? I programmed exactly what I'd play with EZ drummer in GarageBand. Lots of work went into getting the sounds and trying to programme a performance, but with guitars...
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    Programmed drums... or are they?

    This was inspired by another post but it didn't feel appropriate to hi-jack that. I programmed what I'd play with EZ drummer in GarageBand. Lots of work went into getting the sounds and trying to programme a performance, but for a home recording, would anyone know the difference? It would be...
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    20” wide x 18” long bass drums...

    ... were a thing a while ago. Lots of folk on here would say that anything over 14” is a waste, but is anyone playing these and loving them?
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    Gretsch Renown or DW Design... or does it really make a difference?

    I don’t know if anyone else feels like this, but after buying drums for decades, I want to put an end to chasing some elusive top-of-the-range perfection ‘cus I just haven’t found it. I can sit in with a band on the cheapest beat-up practice room kit and make it, and the band, sound great - but...
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    Another this or that question: Sonor SQ1 or PROLITE

    I know they are very different but I'd love people's thoughts from anyone who's played them both (they are the same price). SQ1 is 12 x 8, 14 x 14, 20 x 16 Prolite 12 x 8, 14 x 14, 20 x 17.5 I'm not sure about these long bass drums and the Prolite heavy-metal tom mounts, but that's really...