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    Anxiety or depression among household adults.

    According to the study: Throughout the pandemic, we find that adults in households with children under the age of 18, compared to adults in households without, are slightly more likely to report symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder (45% vs. 41%, respectively). Specifically, among...
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    Drum App

    There is this app called Real Drum App, which I always use it whenever I'm not home so I won't get bored. How about you? Do you play drums on mobile as well?
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    Challenge can be a scary word, it looks like “change” and it implies difficulty. Deep inside, we do want to embrace challenges in life. Because stepping beyond our familiar zones is what helps us grow and thrive. What is the biggest challenge you face today?
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    The days are growing longer

    The days are growing longer, the sun is shining brighter, and that long-since-faded summer tan is ready to emerge once again. That being said, What are you looking for in summer this year?
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    Is this what they called "anxiety problems"?

    In this world of uncertainty and confusion, it is inevitable not to worry. Unknowingly, my worries become persistent and start affecting my day-to-day activities, my work, my sleep, and even in my relationships, is it may be time to do something about it? Is this could be anxiety problems? If...
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    Are you still happy?

    This period of time that called “new normal” where a face mask is a must, maintaining social distancing and many more just to keep yourself protected. This really gives me a depressed feeling deep inside. I am tired of being this way. How are you guys dealing with this kind of situation, are you...
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    Drumming helps me getting rid my boring days

    Since here in my city is currently on lockdown. I spent my quarantine days playing the drum. It helps me feel at ease and rid my boring days staying home. How about you my friend? What is your current situation there?
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    3 easy steps to improve your drum technique

    1. Be efficient. The first step is to make your movements as efficient as possible. Like most things, this is easier said than done. 2. Listen and imagine. The second step to improve drum technique is to listen. 3. Develop your quality of sound. After tempo, the next step is to focus on the...
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    Drummer Vs. Vocalist: Who Can Easily Win A Girl?

    It's a cliche that I'm asking this question, but I heard one of my cousin's conversation with her friend. They are arguing about someone in a band. I know that vocalists are the center of attention when it comes to most band members. But do drummers have a chance to easily win a girl?
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    Does Drumming Therapy work?

    Anyone here heard of Drumming Therapy? I want to know if it works. My brother has the anxiety disorder and I was thinking that maybe this form of healing would work for him as opposed to other, more traditional approaches to mental health treatment.
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    Favorite Drummer

    Who is your favorite drummer of all time?
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    Best Guitarist

    Who for you is the best guitarist of all time?
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    After watching Whiplash...

    My brother turned into a very persistent and hard working drummer. He is constantly playing his drums at home. I'm not really sure if he is hardworking or overworking already because of the amount of time he spends with his drumset. I am also worried that his eardrums are not liking the...
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    Drums storage facility optimization

    Our drums storage facility needs to optimize operations at a low cost. We want to focus on equipment monitoring, reduced maintenance costs and primarily energy efficiency. To cut it short, we want to manage it efficiently. But then, is anyone here has the knowledge in creating a better facility...
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    Apple Pay popularity

    Do you guys use Apple Pay? My cousin is opening an accessories shop next month and she's wondering if Apple Pay is popular. She might get a credit card machine that can handle that kind of payment if it is.
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    Too much documents

    Hi, I am a medical/secretary staff in one of the satellites of (QEN). Part of our job is we receive numerous procedures instructions and blank forms from our doctors. I would just like to ask if you know a software that can help me organize all of my stuff? Thanks in advance.
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    connection errors?

    I am trying to solve the latency problem of my website. I have tried basic troubleshooting like turning off and on the computer (power cycle), restarting the router, closing all other apps and reformatting my OS. What else can I do? Any suggestions?
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    Application for decision making

    Hi guys. My boss has asked me to find him an application that can help him decide on certain processes in the company. Something that can help him decide whether a project is worth undertaking. I have no clue about such app so I'm wondering if you guys can help me.
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    Looking for a software

    My cousins and I are planning to start a call center. Right now we're good when it comes to the location, equipment, etc but what choosing a software is really a headache because when we looked via google, there's just so many out there! Online reviews don't help either. So I'm wondering if you...
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    Website Content Needs to be Updated. Anyone Here?

    My daughter came up with the design and the writing content for her website. However, She is planning to get an expert to be doing the updates for her web. I'm just curious if it will be worth it? Actually, I have no idea about creating a good website. I think, what she needs are tips about a...