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  1. dirtyclinic

    New Cymbal Day!! Avedis

    I saw this in the local classifieds for $200. I talked him down to $150. 18" Zildjian Avedis!!! This thing looks and sounds awesome. I love the aged look on it. It's 18 inch but it sounds great using it as a ride and the crash sounds awesome as well. I really want to try the 22 inch now.
  2. dirtyclinic

    Drum Dial or Tune Bot?

    I don't have either but I want to buy one. I am not very experienced with tuning drums. Which one should I get? The more expensive one is $100 which is not a problem.
  3. dirtyclinic

    Remo Colortone Snare Head. Opinions please.

    I am going to buy a new batter head for my snare drum. I was going to buy a coated Remo head but then was thinking that one of these would look cool. It's a Remo Powerstroke 77 Colortone. Has anyone had any experience with these or at least the clear version? The main reason I would get this...
  4. dirtyclinic

    How many snare wires?

    I just got a Crush 14" Chameleon Birch Snare drum but it had no snare wires on it. I play indie rock, 90s alternative, and 80s new wave. What are you recommendations for wire?
  5. dirtyclinic

    New Set of Drums!!!! Free? CRUSH content

    So this set came up locally and it came with a set of Zildjian A Customs and a big 18" Wuhan china. I mostly wanted the A Customs and I sent him a text asking if I could just buy the cymbals. He said "yes" for $500. That boxed set is new for $819 so $500 is a decent deal considering they have...
  6. dirtyclinic

    Need help with "floor" tom

    I just bought this older Pearl Export series 5-piece set for dirt cheap. The 2 rack toms have the I.S.S. system that mount to the bass drum arms. The Floor tom has no legs and has nowhere to put legs. It is 14 inches in diameter. I was thinking it may mount to a stand but there is no hardwhere...
  7. dirtyclinic

    Planning on buying a Roc-N-Soc

    I am planning on getting one of these for Christmas. I will get the nitro model and maybe later get the backrest. I see a lot of people with these and I sat on one in a music store a long time ago and I liked it. Anyone think there is a better choice? What about the other Roc-N-Soc models? The...
  8. dirtyclinic

    4-piece drum kit.....what sizes?

    I have a 6 piece drum kit. The floor toms are 14 and 16 inch. The rack toms are 10 and 12 inch. The rack toms mount to the stands and not the bass drum. I have only ever used it as a 6-piece but I want to make the overall size of the kit smaller. (including using less cymbals) Should I use the...
  9. dirtyclinic

    $50 Score? or $50 whatever?

    I saw this in the local classifieds. It's a Pearl Export Series Drum set. It has 4 pieces. (missing snare drum) It seems to be in good structural shape but it is the dirtiest set of drums I (or probably all of you) have ever seen. The heads on the toms are Remos in great condition but the reso...
  10. dirtyclinic

    Is it dumb of me to buy Constantinople?

    Being a fan of accumulating gear, I am thinking of getting some K Zildjian Constantinople cymbals. I am not an expert drummer and I am more of a guitar player. I was thinking of buying a new guitar but then I thought that maybe I should throw down for the Cadillac (in my mind) of cymbals. I play...
  11. dirtyclinic

    Opinions on the Mapex Mars Kit

    I am looking a buying an extra kit to keep at a friends house because we are going to start jamming at his house now and then and I saw this on Facebook Marketplace for what seems like a great deal. Are they pretty entry level? Is this a batter head on the reso side of the bass drum? If I can...
  12. dirtyclinic

    New Cheap Drum Day

    I picked this up last week from Facebook Marketplace for $100. I don't need a drum set but I figured I could shine it up and give it to my nephew. It's a Pearl Export Series 5-piece. I have a set like this with the same badges stacked up in the corner of my basement. (except mine is green) I...
  13. dirtyclinic

    Moving Sale Score! (Paiste)

    I picked this set up in the local classifieds last night for $200.....for all of the cymbals. The guy was moving and was selling his drum stuff. (I also bought his Pearl Export Drum Set for $100) Paiste 2002 14" Sound Edge Hi-Hats, 2002 20" Power Ride, Signature 16" Full Crash, and Signature 10"...
  14. dirtyclinic

    Any opinions on the Mapex V Series?

    I picked this up a while back in a trade (the trade involved guitars for the most part) but haven't gotten around to setting it up and playing it until now. It's a Mapex V Series 5-piece. It has the Mapex branded heads on it but they are made by Remo. The kick pedal and snare stand are SP brand...
  15. dirtyclinic

    New (used) Drums - Pearl Vision

    I saw these in the local classifieds for $300 and I contacted the guy, after a little text exchange we agreed on $250, the deal maker was that he would drive them to me. After looking at them and comparing them to what I have read online, I believe they are the VBX...Birch with a lacquer...
  16. dirtyclinic

    Drumset in the classifieds, bought it for the cymbals.

    I saw a drum set in the local classifieds for dirt cheap. It is black Pearl Export Series 6-piece kit. It had everything but a throne. What caught my eye was the crash cymbal and the ride cymbal. A 16" Paiste Signature Fast crash and an older Zildjian 20" Medium Ride. The hi-hats are cheaper...
  17. dirtyclinic

    I got a K Zildjian with a jacked up stamp

    I bought this on Ebay. I believe it is a 2012. It is a K Custom Fast Crash 17 inch. The stamp looks like it was either struck a couple of times and it didn't line up, or maybe even scribed in with a Dremel or something (look at the serial number and the "Made in USA") ...anyway, it looks weird...
  18. dirtyclinic

    Deciding between two Zildjian K Custom Boxed Sets

    I am definitely going to buy one of these Zildjian cymbal sets. It is between the K Custom Dark Cymbal Pack and the K Custom Worship Cymbal Pack. The Dark set includes: 14" K Custom Dark Hi-Hat Pair, 16" K Custom Dark Crash, 20" K Custom Dark Ride, and 18" K Custom Dark Crash. The worship pack...
  19. dirtyclinic

    How long does a tuning last?

    I recently picked up set of second-hand drums. I am a beginner drummer but I would like these drums to sound as good as they can. I used to take drum lessons and I am thinking of calling my old teacher to come tune these drums. I will not be playing the drums every day or anything, like twice a...
  20. dirtyclinic

    Are DW drums still cool?

    Hi, new member here. I am a guitar player but I have had a set of drums for the past 20 years. I have never been great at the drums (because I never practiced much) but I can keep a beat and play some simpler stuff. 2 weeks ago I saw in the local classifieds a set of DW Collector's Series...