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  1. hateplow

    DW Exotic Twisted Walnut Kit (!)

    VLT Maple 10x8, 12x9, 16x14, 22x18 kick, 14x6 snare I've owned a lot of kits in my life. This is easily the most beautiful I've seen. Sound is insane.
  2. hateplow

    Yamaha Maple Custom 30th Anniversary Kit

    Hello. It's been a while, and at least 4 kits since I've last posted. :) Here's my latest: Yamaha Maple Custom 30th Anniversary Kit (1998) - Green Sparkle 10x9 12x10 14x12 16x14 22x18 Ludwig COB 6.5x14 w/ brass diecast & tube lugs My thoughts: About 10 years ago, I had a custom Pork Pie...
  3. hateplow

    Canopus Custom Kit!

    It's been a while since I've posted - here's a gorgeous new Canopus kit that just came in from Japan. These guys make some AMAZING drums! They also make their shells in-house. My friend Shane at the Drum Center of Portsmouth was able to hook me up with a finish, sizes and badges they don't...
  4. hateplow

    My New Favorite Accessory!

    This thing is brilliant. It's a drink holder by Gibraltar. I've got it hooked up to my hi-hat stand. No longer do I have to reach way down on the floor for my tasty beer!
  5. hateplow

    Craviotto 4 Piece Audio Sample Recorded with no EQ, 2 NT5 overheads, Beta 52, SM 57
  6. hateplow

    Stacking Drums During Storage?

    Do you think it's bad to stack your drums on top of one another during storage? I'm thinking maybe it's bad for the bearing edge? I put a piece of plywood over the bass drum rim, but i'm thinking that's putting stress on the lugs. Maybe i'm paranoid... :?
  7. hateplow

    My New Craviotto 4 Piece Kit (!)

    My New Craviotto Hi-Res Pics! Ever win an eBay auction with a "Best Offer" you thought couldn't possibly be accepted?'s my new toy! 9x13, 16x16, 14x22, 6.5x14 Snare I will try and post some audio after it arrives in a week or so.
  8. hateplow

    Noble Cooley Horizon and Snare Collection

    Here's my current setup: Noble Cooley Horizon Reissue (Maple/Mahogany) 22x17 16x14 13x11 12x10 10x8 Paiste Sigs Snares: Canopus Zelkova 6.5x14 Craviotto Limited Maple 6.5x14 Ludwig Black Beauty Custom 100th Anniversary 6.5x14 Sonor SQ2 Heavy Beech Ebony out, Scandi in 8x14
  9. hateplow

    Saw Sean Reinert Last Night!

    I finally got to see Cynic last night in Boston with Devin Townsend (AWESOME) and BTBAM. Sean absolutely killed it. What an amazing musician. His playing is probably the best I've ever seen. He was SHREADING what appeared to be a Golden Madrone SQ2 Kit. I was surprised to see that someone of...
  10. hateplow

    New Noble Cooley Horizon Reissue Kit

    In my never-ending (and impossible) pursuit for the "perfect" drum set... Maple with an inner-ply of Mahogany. These shells have been sitting on a shelf for over 15 years. Audio to come...
  11. hateplow

    Sweet Vintage Ludwig Kit This thing may go for cheap...
  12. hateplow

    Awesome Photos of Sonor Factory!

    Check these bad boys out....
  13. hateplow

    Youtube Demo of my SQ2s Enjoy...
  14. hateplow

    Sonor SQ2 Birch, Artist Bronze

    My first experiment recording my kit. All the specs and mic info are attached to the Youtube video. All in all, I don't think it sounds too bad. No EQ at all.
  15. hateplow

    Awesome Snare Drum Videos This is the GREATEST YOUTUBE CHANNEL EVER. (IMO) There are like 30 snare samples at all different tunings.
  16. hateplow

    Cool Audio/Video Samples of Danny Carey Snare

    Thought I'd share this. This guy has some pretty cool sound/video of kick-ass snares. Including a Sonor Cast Bronze! (Which I'm clearly partial to...)
  17. hateplow

    NEW Drum Shop in Portsmouth, NH!

    Just wanted to share some good news with my fellow gear-junkies in the New England area. Shane (formerly of The Drum Shop in Portland, Maine) has just started his own business - The Drum Center of Portsmouth. This is really good news for people like me who think that Daddy's Junky Music and...
  18. hateplow

    Sonor SQ2 6 Piece + Paiste Sigs

    Just got my 8x7 tom... 8x7, 10x9, 12x11, 15x15, 20x18 Kick, 13x6.5 SD ^ Thin birch ^ ^ Medium birch ^ ^Heavy birch^ Ebony outer veneer, Scandinavian birch inner veneer. Paiste Signature cymbals: 21" Full Ride 16, 18" Full Crashes 14" Sound Edge Hats 8, 10" Splashes DW 9000...
  19. hateplow

    Sonor and Paiste Sigs

    Completed my switch from Dimensions to Signature Paistes (almost).
  20. hateplow

    Trick Pro-1v problems

    So I decided to move from a single pedal back to a double. I sold my dw 9000, and purchased a Trick Pro 1-v double from GC for about 680.00 bucks. (That's WITH a 10% discount.) When it arrived, I was very excited until I realized... The Trick Pro-1v double doesn't fit a 20" bass drum! I...