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    Drum fill on Toto track...

    It sounds pretty simple, but I can't exactly figure the sticking out. Is it simpler than it appears?
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    Interesting fill on Mahavishnu track...

    Any ideas what Billy is playing at 3:10? - I've never quite been able to figure out exactly what this figure is, some combination of rudiments, but it's always escaped me exactly what.
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    Looking for a china cymbal that sounds like this...

    You can hear it kick it at the 12:05 mark: I have tried to research his china cymbal during this period, some possible suggests that have come up: 4" (wuhan?) Chinese 20" Hand Hammered Chinese with Rivets 18" Paiste 2002 china type 18" dark china Zildjian...
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    Fastest rebound kick head at lowest tuning?

    I usually use a Remo Weatherking Bass for my kick drum head and I have it at a fairly low tuning, but I like to get a really fast rebound for quick single pedal work. If the drum head is too tight, I find it rebounds too far and gets harder to get in the pocket for groove playing, and it feels...
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    Low, non-triple-flanged 6" 4-lug hoops?

    I'm looking for some Octoban hoops that are preferably not Tama replacement parts (too expensive) that are low enough for octobans and have no extra lip that exceeds the top of the actual head, do any aftermarket manufacturers make these?
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    Identify my octoban brand?

    I believe these are Tama, but it's kinda hard to tell exactly, the original stickers aren't present and they've been resprayed by the previous owner. Here's some picture examples:
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    Octoban mount? Concert mount/concert clip

    I'm looking into finding something like this That would take two octobans, but I want to mount them off a curved rack and I'm having trouble locating...
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    Recognize this signature?

    I bought a second-hand HH splash and noticed this on the underside, does any recognize the signature?
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    Cowbell kick-mount too short?

    I have a Meinl MCSTBD Standard Cowbell Bass Drum Holder, and I'm finding the stalk is too short. It's about 16cm/6.2inches tall and I need one that comes a little higher up. Any recommendations for holders that are higher?
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    Shining the pedalboard?

    I cleaned my DW 5000 with some sticky-stuff remover, and while it has cleaned off the dirt and grease, it's also made it a lot more tract and my shoe sole doesn't glide over it as well as it once did. What would be recommended for giving the actual pedal board a smooth and slidey feel?