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  1. bobdadruma

    1950 Gretsch Broadkaster Rewrap Pic's

    I decided to rewrap my 1950 Gretsch Broadkaster. The old wrap didn't come off easy and I sweated a bit during the project. :) It was a rewarding endeavor in the end though. I am really lovin the new look of my old drums. The drums were originally WMP that had gotten really ugly over the years...
  2. bobdadruma

    Playing Classic Jazz on 1950 Gretsch kit in front of fountain.

    The piano is loud in the beginning but it got slowly fixed after the first few tunes.
  3. bobdadruma

    100th birthday Buddy Video Worth Watching

    A friend of mine just put this up. Ken Loomer is an accomplished Big Band drummer who put together this great video with his personal photos and stories about Buddy and numerous other great ones!
  4. bobdadruma

    Sonor Player Kit. I just Obtained one

    I just picked up a Sonor Player kit. I needed a light travel kit and I liked the 12x20 BD. I decided to suspend the floor tom on a lightweight pdp boom stand. I am really liking it so far. They were introduced in 2014. I paired it up with my 70's Gretsch COB snare. I once owned a Sonor Safari...
  5. bobdadruma

    Jazz Gig At The Ives Concert Park Video.

    I took my 65 Slingerland customized jazz kit out on a very windy but beautiful Sunday afternoon in June :). We were at an art show at the famous Ives Concert Park in Danbury Connecticut. You can hear the fountains in the background as we played. Thanks to my friend Marsha who made the video for...
  6. bobdadruma

    Messing With The 60's Luds

    Just messing around on the late 60's 6 piece Ludwig kit.
  7. bobdadruma

    Jazz Pics and Track From Valentines Gig

    Pics and recording from our Valentines Gig at The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center in Middletown Connecticut USA. The piano is a 1918 Steinway! I am playing my 65 Slingerland kit. The horns are vintage 20's and 30's. Link to recording...
  8. bobdadruma

    PA Solution For Living Room/Studio (video)

    My studio and my living room are the same. I came up with this option for a PA system. I used a fender Passport 500 Pro and a rolling cart to hold the tv and the PA.
  9. bobdadruma

    Moderately Priced Multitrack Recording Gear

    I decided to put up a few videos that show some of the moderately priced multitrack recording gear that I use. There have been several inquiries on this board about recording and I just wanted to share what I use. In the first video you can see that the mixer is compact enough to be mounted on a...
  10. bobdadruma

    My Latest Jazz Recordings 50,s Gretsch kit

    My recording skills continue to develop. I was playing my early 50's 3 ply Gretsch BroadKaster kit. Enjoy.
  11. bobdadruma

    Apple's El Capitan OS. Don't Download It!

    I loaded El Capitan onto me MacBook pro a few weeks ago. Nothing but trouble. Kept getting Java pop up warnings. No fix available. My Tascam audio interface wouldn't work, no driver upgrades available from Tascam. I went back to Yosemite. Don't waste your time downloading it!
  12. bobdadruma

    2015 Summer Drum Solo Exposition

    Lets have a drum solo exposition. Everyone share a recent drum solo video. Here is my contribution.
  13. bobdadruma

    Recent Jazz Band Tracks

    I mixed some tracks from a practice that I recorded in April and they came out pretty good so I decided to share them :) I am learning how to multi track record and I am beginning to get the hang of it. I learn something new with...
  14. bobdadruma

    Shure PGA98D Gooseneck Condenser Drum Mic Review

    I purchased one of these last week. I liked it so much that I ordered 4 more of them. The mic is comparable to an SM57 but it allows you to place it in tight areas around your kit. The PGA98D can also be slid into a standard mic holder for mic stand use. It performed well on my 16" tom but I...
  15. bobdadruma

    A Few Simple Tips (tuning and transport)

    I put up a few vids with some simple advice for tuning and transporting drums. I hope that they are helpful to someone.
  16. bobdadruma

    Early 50's Gretsch WMP Wrap Question For Experts

    The WMP wrap on the bass drum of my early 50's Broadkaster kit does not match the pattern of the WMP wrap of the other three drums in the kit. The drums in my kit date from late 1949 to 1952. The bass drum is an early 52. I have seen other bass drums from 51 on eBay that also have the same wrap...
  17. bobdadruma

    Thank You Folks At Shure Microphone

    Thank You to the staff at Shure for replacing the left earpiece of my SE425 in-ear monitors free of charge even though I accidentally stepped on it. They even shipped it to me via UPS for free so that I could have my monitors for this Saturdays gig. Great company and it is easy to understand...
  18. bobdadruma

    65 Slingerland Jazz Kit Jazz Recording

    I fully mic-d up the Jazz Band the other night and I multitrack recorded our session.
  19. bobdadruma

    Ludwig-Late 60's 6 Piece Full Mic-s Sample

    I did a sample of my vintage Lud's with full mic-up. No compression, just EQ through mixer. No muffling on toms and snare. No port on the BD. Evans EQ pillow inside touching both heads. G2 Coated over G1 Clear on toms. G1 Coated on snare. PS3 Clear for Bass Batter. Ludwig Smooth White for BD...
  20. bobdadruma

    Finally Figured Out The Old Gretsch I think that I finally have begun to make the old Gretsch proud. You know, do the old drums justice. I have found the sound that I wanted for this kit. It took a lot of experimenting to find the vintage vibe that I was looking for. This is by far the most finicky...