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  1. makinao

    Pearl Prestige Series

    Hi. Does anyone have info on the Pearl Prestige Series? It's not a Prestige Session, or anything with an affix. I got a 12" tom a few months ago. The insides are very nicely finished, it looks like 6 plies, and it sounds very nice. Enclosed is a picture with the badge. Someone is offering me...
  2. makinao

    Buying used advice please

    I’m sorry to bother everyone with this, but my mind is in a tailspin right now. I’m torn. My current shell pack is a lower-mid level 1974 Pearl Thunderking that has been through hell and back with me for decades. The shells and hardware look rough and are getting on in age (the unused 13” tom...
  3. makinao

    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    Good lord! The return of the President series with vintage logos, Battleship lugs on the Duoluxe (a.k.a. Jupiter redo), and Masters Lugs on Sensitones. Wow!
  4. makinao

    Tweeter Workout

    This is the soundtrack of a sound installation I exhibited last year. Something to give your tweeters an Easter workout.
  5. makinao

    Sheet Gong as ride?

    Has anyone here heard/played this before?
  6. makinao

    Advice on a Pearl Masters Snare

    I saw a seemingly mint condition mid-90s Pearl Masters Brass 14x6.5 snare with an original Pearl bag in a local (Philippine) ad. It's going for the equivalent of US$480. I saw another one, but rather beat up, going for the equivalent of US$240. Is this model, and these prices, worth...
  7. makinao

    My new 12x5

    I saw this on one of my local FB marketplaces going for the equivalent of US$90, and grabbed it immediately. Its a rare (in my country) out-of-production early 2000s Pearl Sensitone Steel 12”x5” 8-lug snare. The guy I bought it from said his singer-wife bought it for him in Japan 2...
  8. makinao

    Factory Tuned?

    I read some people here mention drums being "factory tuned." Are they really? AFAIK, drum kits are shipped from the factory disassembled. That's the way I see them delivered to stores. Besides, if they were delivered fully assembled and tuned, can heads really maintain their tension after months...
  9. makinao

    Silken Trois Crashes

    Something clicked when I got a chance to play a set Kerope and K Con cymbals. I felt they finally delivered the oldskool dark and trashy sounds which regular K's promised but never took to the max. Unfortunately, the price for admission to these wonderful sounds are usually frightening, or so I...
  10. makinao

    Opinions on this kit please

    Here I go again. This guy's been selling it for over a year. I don't need it, but I'm tempted. Looks like its from the late 70s. It's equivalent to about US$ 888. Is this a good buy?
  11. makinao


    Any word, audio, video on the new Kerope's? People at cymbalholics are talking excitedly about the launch today.
  12. makinao

    Vinyl Resurgence Thread

    I'm picking this up from the "How to beat superior drummer" thread. I was never really a hardcore fan of vinyl, as I preferred open reel tape as my analog medium of choice. But the people on audiophile fora I'm in are all wetting their pants with prospects of LP only releases and re-releases...
  13. makinao

    Is this really a 16" Swish?

    The seller calls is a "Swiss". From the picture it looks like a 70s hollow logo. The rivets look weird though. Is this really a 16" Swish, or just a China Boy, with rivets were added later. Its going for US$55.
  14. makinao

    Somebody Stop Me!!

    I popped into my friendly music store and they have a holiday special on brand new 18" 2013 A thin crashes. Apparently there is some kind of mixup between Zildjian USA and the local distributor. So it's going for the equivalent of US$162. Is that a great buy or not? I already have three crashes...
  15. makinao

    China Setup

    I finally completed my China collection. I've got (in order of acquisition): 8" Stagg DH 16" Stagg SH 16" Stagg Traditional (Lion) 18" Stagg Traditional (Lion) 22" Paiste 2002 Now all I need is a gig with just these and my New Beats. One drummer friend says if that happens, I'll make a lot of...
  16. makinao

    New (2013) A's

    This is inspired by SgtThumps new 21" Sweet Ride. So who else has one, and is Zildjian really going in what some feel is a positive direction with these new A's? Is 2013 shaping up to become a vintage year?
  17. makinao

    Snare + Kick Pack?

    I've noticed more and more instances when I hardly touch my toms, and can get everything done with just a snare, kick, and cymbals. I'm also seen and heard drummers like Dony Wynn and Jay Bellerose who can play entire concerts and/or albums with this kind of setups. I am therefore curious as to...
  18. makinao

    Ambassador Coated or Clear for Church snare?

    I'm donating new batter heads for my Church's kit. I already got a coated ambassador for the snare (Gretsch Blackhawk wood 8-lug 14"x5"). But I'm concerned the kids will get frustrated with the look of it when the coating starts wearing off. Today someone offered me a brand new 14" clear...
  19. makinao

    Do Multi-Clamps do damage?

    I've never had a multi-clamp. So I wanted to ask what the likelihood is of Multi-clamps scratching or damaging the stand its clamped to?
  20. makinao

    I brought my cymbals to school today

    In this day and age of recordings and sound reinforcement, I often feel that too few people have a chance to hear acoustic musical instruments without electronic intervention. So I decided to bring two of my cymbals (a new 16" Stagg Traditionals China, and a 70's 16" A. Zildjian Thin Crash) to...