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  1. Deltadrummer

    Jeff Johnson The Level System

    Here's a great book to check out from our friend Jeff Johnson on the Stone/Morello level system. The book categorizes the four strokes that Joe Morello taught and how to apply them to drum set grooves. It also outlines the level system and how to use it to create accents, dynamic changes and...
  2. Deltadrummer

    Kids and Counting

    I've wonder about this for so long and may have asked this before but what is it with kids and counting out loud. I have had many students over the years who just will not count, they "feel stupid" or say it is "just too difficult to play and count." "Hey kid you're doing quarter notes, count...
  3. Deltadrummer

    Daniel Glass

    This is a great project on the continued work of Daniel Glass from Royal Crown Revue. I'm certainly looking forward to it.
  4. Deltadrummer

    Sticks and Skins

    If you ahve not seen this book, it is a great resource of drummers both legendary and unknown, some soon to be legendary. Author Jules Follett and Entertainment and Litigation Lawyer Paul Quin from Drummerworld, along with Dom Famularo (The Drumming World's Global...
  5. Deltadrummer

    Intro to Stone Accents and Rebounds

    In this video, I talk about Accents and Rebounds and my first lesson with Joe Morello
  6. Deltadrummer

    New videos on Stick Control

    Here are two videos I did on Stick Control Intro technique Variations
  7. Deltadrummer

    Tony Williams clinic

    Here is the Tony William's clinic from Zildjian Day 1985. Get it while it's hot!!!
  8. Deltadrummer

    Playing Purdie

    Here are two Purdie clips with me playing Home at Last w/Steely Dan - One of the great drum grooves. Rock Steady w/Aretha Franklin great drum break!!
  9. Deltadrummer

    Ruffs and Drags

    In response to Tommy Igoe. I recorded this video about the importance of the drum community keeping a distinction between ruffs and drags. Tommy makes this distinction in his video Great Hands for a Lifetime.
  10. Deltadrummer

    My Buddy's tour band robbed

    My Buddy's tour van was ripped off and some electronic items and gear were stolen. Here is a picture of someone who either knows who did it or did it.
  11. Deltadrummer

    A lesson in civility

    I had a college professor who used to joke that academia was so competitive because the stakes were so low. They have nothing on musicians. Last week I learned a lesson in civility putting together a gig for which it just seems thwart with petty BS. Won't get into the details but at one point...
  12. Deltadrummer

    Clyde Stubblefield Gets Some?

    Here is a NY times article about Clyde who is going to be on Jimmy Fallon tonight. He is seeking some compensation for his role as the most sampled drummer in history.
  13. Deltadrummer

    Dream Theater's new drummer is MIKE MANGINI

    So the unofficial word, to destroy the suspense, is that Mike Mangini is the new drummer for Dream Theater. From the rumor mill; but a pretty reliable source. I think a lot of people called it.
  14. Deltadrummer

    Jazz Historicity

    For anyone whose interested. It addresses a lot of what we talk about as far as jazz and history, and creativity.!
  15. Deltadrummer

    Santana and Cindy Blackman marry

    This took me by surprise. I guess I should re-up my subsription to People magazine.
  16. Deltadrummer

    making a jungle kit

    I have an M Birch kit that a use a lot for small clubs and parties. Recently I bought a 16" Pro M mounted tom, it must be 16" x12". It was an impulse buy on e bay for 60 bucks shipped. How could you say 'no'? I haven't even gotten it yet. Is the length of this tom to small to use for a jungle...
  17. Deltadrummer

    Bill Bruford Talks

    I went to the Bill Bruford Seminar at The Collective this week. It was an interesting look at Bill's 41 year career in the music biz. The idea he wanted to get across was that you can find a balance between commercialism and artistic creativity in the marketplace. I think Bill has showed that in...
  18. Deltadrummer

    JStanley Crouch Debate about Miles Davis

    Here's a great discussion about Miles with Stanly Crouch and James Mtume. Wassup with that?
  19. Deltadrummer

    Portnoy's feelings on the break

    Here's a short interview in which Mike Portnoy discusses how upset he is that he had to leave Dream Theater.
  20. Deltadrummer

    and what is the pay . . .?

    My jazz band came up with a scheme to get gigs by dividing the boroughs up between our members, each member being responsible for getting gigs in his area. Today a gig breaker was, "how much does this gig pay?" It's interesting to weed through the BS and the no nonsense, the guys who want to...