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  1. Steve30907

    Buddy's Rug

    Does anyone know if Buddy Rich's toupe is in a collection? Do you think it would give someone a little extra drumming magic? Is there a catalog number to order a replica? Is this thread stupid? Yes, yes it is.
  2. Steve30907

    Musician Cliques

    Musician Cliques does every town have them? Are you a part of one or do you stay pretty independent? Instead of jacking other threads I figured let's discuss the subject in it's own thread.
  3. Steve30907

    GK isolation headphones

    I'm really thinking about ordering a pair of these. I'm tired of messing with different headphones and ear buds should I bite the bullet and just order them?
  4. Steve30907

    MF stupid deal 50$ Drum Mic set 9/28

    Just a heads up if someone wants a cheap Mic set. Drum stuff is generally rare so figured I'd post up for someone looking for a cheap set.
  5. Steve30907

    Picked up my first flat ride.

    I picked up my first flat ride an 18in Istanbul Mehmet Vezir flat. The top is lathed the bottom raw. I'm really enjoying this thing. I love the fact that no matter if i start laying into it doesnt change.
  6. Steve30907

    1960's 20" Zildjian A sizzle ride

    I just received the ride on a trade, it's missing 3 rivets out of 8. This thing crashes great and has a powerful bell. The sizzle is subtle compared to a 3 rivet Istanbul Mehmet I have. Should I remove the rivets and put all split rivets in or buy the same type or mix?
  7. Steve30907

    A good source for aluminum hoops and lugs?

    I have an old acrolite I stripped and decided I'd like to go all aluminum. I intended to hit it with grinder like the AVH signature but after polishing, it looks too good as is. I can't find 14" 8 hole aluminum hoops. I'm considering the no flange claw type. Also looking for aluminum tube type lugs.