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    New Hi Hat Clutch

    If you don't need Quick release you can check this one out, I like it a lot, especially the rubber sleeve around the middle part so there is no metal to metal contact with your cymbal. What I dont really like is the red part above the top...
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    Any streamers here?

    Here is The8BitDrummer twitch page There was also another guy playing acoustic drums, mostly rock/metal covers but can't remember (or find him) right now. You can occasionally find some drummer in music section there but usually there are only some DJs or piano/guitar/singer ...
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    Buying from UK shipping to US. VAT exempt?

    I'm pretty sure it's post Brexit thing. I got some stuff sent to me earlier and never paid VAT before.
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    Buying from UK shipping to US. VAT exempt?

    Yes, exactly same story here. I got my brother to sent me some used cymbals from UK and it's now blocked by parcel delivery company (!!!) which forced me to pay VAT 21% of the "cost of content" which they count by how much the insurance was o_O No chance to get any explanation how they come up...
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    D'Addario Players Circle?

    Yeah, that's what I understood. Even if I log in and put something to the basket I can't "proceed to checkout" and it says "The ship to country associated with your account is not eligible for shipping." That was the first reason I wanted to change the country because I was hoping they could...
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    D'Addario Players Circle?

    Yes, unfortunately it's US only :( I was in contact with their support because I wanted to change a country as i recently relocated (also not possible btw) and they told me they are planning world wide delivery but they have no time plan in their road map when it could happen. I have quite a lot...