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  1. Paisleyman

    My cymbals are too loud.

    Istanbul Xist brilliant. I find it almost impossible to play them at low volumes. There seems to be a significant difference in the volume of cymbals v drums (Gretsch Renown / Pearl Midtown) for the same power applied with sticks. Any thoughts? (Just don't give me an excuse to go and buy...
  2. Paisleyman

    Thoughts on setup (8" tom in particular).

    I bought a new (to me - 2nd hand really) kit and then lockdown happened. I don't have room in my house to put the whole thing up. I practice at home on a Pearl Midtown. I now have 4 toms. 8, 10, 12 and 14 inch. I'm minded to ignore the 8 and not use it - tell the truth, I'm not really sure...
  3. Paisleyman

    Dumb Gretch Tom bracket query.

    I've just moved over to Gretsch from Yamaha but I'm keeping my Yam cymbal stands. I have a cymbal mounted 'floor' Tom with the new kit but the bore of the clamp seems to exceed the diameter of the stand by 1/8th inch or more. Am I missing something obvious?