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  1. gmiller598

    Taylor Hawkins, Foo Fighters drummer, dead at age 50

    I'm devastated. He was a great personality and a solid drummer. A perfect compliment to Dave Grohl. He was a big part of what made the Foo Fighters so great. They were one of my favorite rock bands and one of the few left today who could do what they do successfully and he was a big part of that.
  2. gmiller598

    Is there any reason to buy Ludwig hardware over something from the "big 3"?

    I have all Ludwig Atlas Standard hardware on my set. I have zero issues with it. If I were to upgrade 1 thing it would be the hi hat pedal because it can be a bit awkward with placement of a double pedal since it is a tripod stand but I don't "need" to do it. Especially since I went back to a...
  3. gmiller598

    Modern Equivalent of an Evans Looking Glass

    I have a blue hydraulic snare head on a 14x10 Pearl Modern Utility Floor Snare and it has quite a bit of sustain. It might actually have more than my toms which have UV1 on top and clear G1 on the bottom.
  4. gmiller598

    New Stewart Copeland Book

    Autographed copies are back in stock. I was able to order 1. The site currently says there are 3 copies available.
  5. gmiller598

    New Stewart Copeland Book

    I missed out. Autographed copies are sold out.
  6. gmiller598

    Updating the technical rider

    I had defintely heard DLR say that in the past. It makes complete sense.
  7. gmiller598

    D'Addario Players Circle?

    Totalled up the bass drum heads and snare heads from our most recent order and existing inventory in the band room from prior years and ended up with 52,000 points. I went ahead and used them to get myself a set of UV1 batter and G1 for the resos for the toms, a UV2 for a snare and a couple of...
  8. gmiller598

    D'Addario Players Circle?

    Anyone have an idea how many points you get for registering a drum head? The school I teach the drumline at at just got our whole new shipment of marching heads for the season and I'm hoping there might be enough points to redo my heads on my drumset. We've got 10 sets of snare heads (top and...
  9. gmiller598

    Which Sabian rides? Recommendations/experiences welcomed

    I personally love light and dark cymbals. I think the HHX complex line as a whole sounds great. I also like what I hear from the HH Vanguard line.
  10. gmiller598

    Ludwig Club Date USA or Gretsch Brooklyn

    I never got to play any of the recent models of Club Dates but I was considering checking them out in the past. It should be noted that as of 2020 the Club Dates were "discontinued" but can still be built out using Classic Maple shells on Ludwig's Outfitter by selecting the Imperial lugs and...
  11. gmiller598

    Ludwig Classic maple "Hepcat"

    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but the Neusonic are cookie cutter kits and also probably also have cheaper hardware. I've not actually seen one in person but I have owned a midlevel Ludwig kit before. The hardware on that was definitely not the same quality as what I have on my Classic...
  12. gmiller598

    Ludwig Classic maple "Hepcat"

    They aren't. They do have cheaper hardware but also use Taiwan made shells just like Yamaha for the Tour Custom. If Yamaha made their Tour Custom in the USA they would definitely be more expensive.
  13. gmiller598

    Ludwig Classic maple "Hepcat"

    One is made in the USA and the other is not. Ludwig no longer makes the Evolution Maple drums which were also made in Taiwan but were of lower quality than the American made Classic Maple.
  14. gmiller598

    Ludwig Classic maple "Hepcat"

    The Classic Maple is 7 plys of North American Maple. I believe the Classic Maple has been 100% maple for a number of years but the number of plies have varied if I'm not mistaken.
  15. gmiller598

    Ludwig Classic maple "Hepcat"

    Someone bought it. It is out of stock.
  16. gmiller598

    Ludwig CM stock heads

    I guess I'm dragging up an old topic but I just got a couple of add on toms for my classic maple that I purchased used last year and I assumed the reso head was a Remo Ambassador. However my new 7x10 and my existing 8x12 seem to be resonating differently. I put as new Vintage Ambassador on top...
  17. gmiller598

    Anyone on here own a shell bank? Any regrets?

    I sort of have one I guess. Once my 10 and 13 toms I have on order arrive I will own 10,12,13,14,16 toms with a 20" bass. I figure if I ever need to break them into smaller components I can use the 12/14/20 for a jazz setup. 13/16/20 for a more rock gig. All of them together when I want to...
  18. gmiller598

    AAX cymbal for pretty cheap here

    I might end up taking a flyer on one of those. I've been looking for a 17" thin crash. This probably isn't as dark as I want but for the price it might fit the bill since they are cheaper than SR2.
  19. gmiller598

    Gretsch Gold Series Stave Snares

    Yeah. I live in Columbus so I could definitely save on the shipping but both stores here in town seem to have at least 4-5 each in the store. I went and looked at one over the weekend. It might be the sound I'm looking for to add to my snare collection but it does seem higher priced than I'm...
  20. gmiller598

    Gretsch Gold Series Stave Snares

    what does anyone know about them. The local MusicGoRound stores seem to have picked up some inventory of a handful of the Barnwood maple stave drums. I can't find much info about them but considering they got several of these drums I suspect they didn't sell well and this is warehouse clean out...