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  1. MG1127

    Make your quarter note swing....

    This is something I was always told and it is the information that I pass on ... simply because it is the correct information. Jazz is not "triplet based music" as so many will lead you to believe. It is quarter note based music. I see so many learning to play this music asking "how do I get...
  2. MG1127

    Amazing techniques !!!

    hey guys Have you heard of the Flogilator technique? it's absolutely amazing!!! I have 27 DVDs that break it down and I constantly watch videos by Johnny Nuclear, Eddie Rockets, and Mike Isamazing because they are masters. I'm looking to spend like 167 hours a week on this and a bunch of...
  3. MG1127

    RIP Ralph Peterson

    The palace of music has lost one of its pillars rest peacefully Professor Peterson
  4. MG1127

    Rest Peacefully the Great Chick Corea

    One of the greatest performances you will ever see in your life Goodbye Chick