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  1. NouveauCliche

    Anyone ever try a zero ring inside on the snare head?

    That was always my trick back when I used the rings - I would do half rings or 1/4 rings all the time for various muffling varieties.
  2. NouveauCliche

    I guess I just don't like...

    That's a damn real comment. Also - I love a good brass snare - especially a cracking brass piccolo - shallow with some heavy die-cast hoops. *chef's kiss*
  3. NouveauCliche

    Happy Thanksgiving to this wonderful community!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone - I hope you all use this day to be thankful for the family, friends and loved ones you hold close on your journeys. Drum on!
  4. NouveauCliche

    List Black Friday drum gear + links?

    Finances > PC culture. Always good to “be in the black” with US retail haha
  5. NouveauCliche

    Old man yells at cloud

    I like those very much in context - and he's one of my favorite young players. However - I can't imagine those being a regular thing in my setup.
  6. NouveauCliche

    Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

    That's a snazzy kit Lenny is pictured with. I've been low-key eyeing Broadkasters lately- a good friend of mine got a beautiful white sparkle set with DTS mounts etc...looks awesome and sounds great!
  7. NouveauCliche

    Evans UV Emad Batter?

    I think you'll be very happy with the sound and durability of that head. I've run both UV1s and UV2s on my kit and they are both great heads.
  8. NouveauCliche

    Drum gods set list....

    They did a thing just like this around NAMM the last time I went...for the life of me I can't remember who hosted it. I didn't go but I remember seeing flyers everywhere - lots of drummers playing different covers of classic rock songs - the same thing. Seems like it was a success...if I can...
  9. NouveauCliche

    Reverse pedals!

  10. NouveauCliche


    If you're writing for British Drum Company - you're probably thinking of Roy Davis.
  11. NouveauCliche

    Who uses 13" hats?

    I used 13" Zildjian Quick Beats for nearly 15 years...then I switched to 15"K lights hats because everyone else was doing it and now I'm back at a 14" set of Bosphorus Lyric Series. If I'm being completely honest with myself - I liked the 13" quickbeats the best probably.
  12. NouveauCliche

    Rust urine

    I was guessing this was going to be a thread about giving cymbals that 100-year-old patina with urine. I was dead wrong.
  13. NouveauCliche


    Fair enough - I really loved Miles Davies's album "King of Blue" and John Cultrane's "A Pizza Supreme"
  14. NouveauCliche

    Anyone travel with a drum riser?

    We've chatted about it internally as a band - but the juice just doesn't seem worth the squeeze. I don't feel like hauling it around or setting it up just to be slightly higher in the mix...I just enjoy it when venues happen to have one.
  15. NouveauCliche


    British Drum company always cracks me up. A few years ago they were at NAMM promoting a new bop kit and in their literature, they wrote: Inspired by the classic records of Miles Davies and John Cultrane. So Miles Davies and John Cultrane have become a thing our band jokes about all the time haha.
  16. NouveauCliche

    Equipment demonstration videos that unintentionally became an audition tape

    Our trumpet player landed a slot on a PBS special through Instagram when Arturo Sandoval canceled. The right person just happened to be following him and the next thing you know he was flying out to Philadelphia to film a New Year PBS special with the American Pops Orchestra. It happens!
  17. NouveauCliche

    Do you feel that playing covers (only) limits development and/or personal satisfaction?

    I've managed to go my entire life without ever being in a band that plays covers. *though I would argue that standards are just jazz covers* the weekly jazz jams that we host during the summer might be considered an evening of covers. However - those are more for community members to come...
  18. NouveauCliche

    What's your latest purchase?

    Time for some Brooklyns! haha
  19. NouveauCliche

    Post your Gig Pics

    Gotta love the passport!
  20. NouveauCliche

    Gretsch Catalina Maple vs. Gretsch Renown-Differences?

    I have them on my Brooklyn's too - they work great and look great and position better than the RIMS style mounts from the factory. (I know they aren't in focus - but you get the gist haha)