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  1. NouveauCliche

    Happy Thanksgiving to this wonderful community!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone - I hope you all use this day to be thankful for the family, friends and loved ones you hold close on your journeys. Drum on!
  2. NouveauCliche

    In the studio with Tony Garnier this week!

    In the studio this week with bass legend Tony Garnier - noted for being Bob Dylan’s longtime bass player and MD - he’s also played with folks like Paul Simon and Tom Waits, etc. Having a blast on the Brooklyns with a 135th Anniversary snare and a deep bronze snare. Using a slightly expanded...
  3. NouveauCliche

    Checking In

    Hey All! Just thought I would check in and update everyone on what's going and why I've fairly absent and not here to fight Gretsch's fights for them and recommend Evans heads hahaha. It's been an incredibly busy couple of months and literally tonight we head out for three more weeks of shows...
  4. NouveauCliche

    The Golden Dragon is Home!

    When I was 16 - I went to a school auction for a music program that bought new stuff. Tucked away above the drum room was a ton of cases that held every from marching snares from the 70s to timbales etc. we’ll in the corner tucked away behind the cases was the coolest drum set I’d ever seen...
  5. NouveauCliche

    Drum De-Tuning and perhaps a Gretsch Secret

    Hey all - I've been rolling with my Brooklyn's now for a couple years and I've noticed one problem with the toms. I find that my toms - especially my rack toms have a tendency to de-tune. Each show really requires a check of the tuning around the whole kit just to make sure I'm sounding ok...
  6. NouveauCliche

    Tour Announcement w/dates and a Cool project

    A couple of cool things: This morning I got to record a video in partnership with the Count Basie Center for the Arts. I got to speak about the drumset - what it is, how it works together as one instrument, what a drummer's role is in music and what I do specifically in my various music...
  7. NouveauCliche

    (No Idea Where to put this) Recycled Cymbal Jewelry

    Hey all, Ran across a very nice person in Instagram that makes really cool jewelry and things out of recycled cymbals. She sent me a couple bracelets and a neat key chain that has a bottle opener and very plan Z drum key along with a bandana that had a cute not about using it a drum dampener...
  8. NouveauCliche

    Gig Gripe - AKA - DON'T TRUST ANYONE IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS (jk...but really)

    Hey all, I thought I would share a funny thing that happened to me - just because misery loves company. I have a horn player that's in all my projects and is like my musical partner/business partner. We had this idea for an Indigenous big band since we're both indigenous and that's a lot of...
  9. NouveauCliche

    Cool New Recording Project

    Hey all, Been super busy with my normal band stuff - but a really cool opportunity just got confirmed and booked I wanted to share. Long time Bob Dylan Bassist Tony Garnier reached out to me and several other musicians (basically my whole band minus our bass player haha) - and wanted to head...
  10. NouveauCliche

    Killllller new Gretsch Signature Snare / Interview

    Gretsch has released a WONDERFUL SOUNDING new Ash Soan signature snare drum - it's a 7x12 Purpleheart snare that sounds and look fantastic. Their write up: Ash Soan is one of today’s most in-demand drummers, so Gretsch was...
  11. NouveauCliche

    Problems recording with a specific bass player in the studio

    Hey all, I ran into a new problem and wanted to see if you've run into this. I'll share my fix but thought it might be an interesting topic. I've had a couple of projects with this bass player recently - I really enjoy this person as a human - we've traveled and have two projects that we are...
  12. NouveauCliche

    Finally found a Craigslist Treasure

    Found a pretty smoking deal for a nice little Gretsch kit online. I found a practically new Gretsch Catalina Club in Bop Sizes (12/14/18 with a 14" snare) - with cases and three seats of new heads (Pin-stripes, the factory Gretsch heads and a set of aquarian vintage heads) - a full set of...
  13. NouveauCliche

    Won Two National Jazz Road Grants!

    Very happy to announce that out of many applications - two projects I'm working on have road the Jazz Road Creative Residency Grants for 2021/22 The first project is an Indigenous Big Band that will bring indigenous musicians from all over the country together to create and travel and perform...
  14. NouveauCliche

    Home at a beautiful Venue all Week

    In residency with a couple performances and doing some workshops here at Virginia Tech this week - but their Moss Center is absolutely stunning and I thought you all might like to see it!! Wonderful venue!!
  15. NouveauCliche

    Interview with Mrs. Dinah Gretsch

    Gang, Really excited for this week's episode of The Gretsch Afternoon Drum Break! Neil will be sitting down with Mrs. Dinah Murphy Gretsch - VP/CFO of the Gretsch Company! Tune in and learn about some great Gretsch history, her company experiences over the years, as well as where the Gretsch...
  16. NouveauCliche

    Gretsch 135th Engraved Aluminum Anniversary Snare

    Hey all! I was at the Professional Drum Shop this week while I was in LA doing some recording and I made an impulse buy... ...I picked up the Gretsch 135th Engraved Aluminum Anniversary Snare!!! I remember seeing the video of Lucas from the Gretsch family and his uncle Fred Gretsch unveiling...
  17. NouveauCliche

    Interview with a Gretsch Family Memeber!

    This Friday Neil LaFortune interviews 5th Generation Gretsch Family Member - Lucas Von Gretsch! He's working hard alongside Fred and Dinah Gretsch to keep the legacy and magic of the Gretsch brand alive. He's like us...huge drum geek - great player - mega should be a wonderful...
  18. NouveauCliche

    I'm the Gretsch Artist of the Month!

    Hey all! Stoked to announce that I'm the Gretsch drummer of the month for July! Lucas from the Gretsch family reached out a couple weeks ago and I was totally floored!! Check it out here:
  19. NouveauCliche

    Gretsch USA Custom

    Hey all, Got to spend a week playing a USA Custom Kit with a hammered brass snare for a week in residency and performance for a new project so I thought I would share my thoughts and maybe compare them to the Brooklyns a bit. First off - it was a lovely kit to play all around. I was at a big...
  20. NouveauCliche

    Grammy Article About our Band

    Hey all - cool article on the Grammy site about our band and various projects - and heavy focus on our trumpet player and collaborator now for a decade (Delbert Anderson). There's a couple clips...