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  1. Ron_M

    Should I get a Steel snare?

    I agree. I have a Pearl M-514D 6.5x14, and it's far from loud/over-ringy. It's well-behaved, with a reasonable amount of ring (or not, using the internal muffler), nice sensitivity, and good stick response even tuned low. The parallel mechanism is excellent because of the simple adjustability...
  2. Ron_M

    Grover Pro snare wires

    Running the cords this way is the standard and should force the wire end of the plate toward the head under tension, resulting in good contact. edit: In my experience, you have to experiment. Some wire sets work better with cord, some with straps. Always good to have both on hand.
  3. Ron_M

    Grover Pro snare wires

    Stroman's guess was correct; your snare cord was installed incorrectly, so the endplate and wires weren't laying properly against the snare head. Each end of the cord should run under the endplate, between the plate and snare-side head. Glad the ribbon fixed it.
  4. Ron_M

    Ever have one of "those" snares?

    Can you describe in what way it sounds bad?
  5. Ron_M

    Where to get custom shell blanks?

    Anderson's been out of business for a while now, I think.
  6. Ron_M

    Ludwig Drum Head Logos

    I have a soft spot for the Rockers logo, as those were the first new heads I was able to buy in the 70s. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Also, I was given a Ludwig sign withe the triple-head logo from our local music shop when they were cleaning house. I lost it along the way of moving across...
  7. Ron_M

    Brian Blade or Dave Weckl?

    I've seen them both, and IMO, Brian is so musical and dynamic, making the right choices, more so than any other drummer I've seen. I could watch/listen to him all day. Dave's an amazing technician, also musical, but more about the chops. Fun to listen to as well, but I definitely have a limit...
  8. Ron_M

    Best, most sturdy, throne stand

    Almost forgot: I do have another throne that I don't use (guest throne) which is a round Roc N Soc saddle on a Gibraltar spindle-base. It's pretty heavy duty and has a nice clamp that pretty much eliminates spindle-wobble. A good design: B960 Gibraltar double-braced throne base
  9. Ron_M

    Best, most sturdy, throne stand

    I've had a Roc n Soc's tripod nitro stand w/ motorcycle saddle for ~20 years, and it's held up really well. Still comfy, stable and no leaks. If you don't like the feel of the nitro, then the saddle will mount to just about any 7/8" post. It sounds like you need something heavy duty. There are...
  10. Ron_M

    pinstripe or powerstroke 3 BD head?

    I've tried a coated PS3 on an 18" Slingerland BD (round-over edges), and found that I had to cut some of the muffle-ring away. In hindsight, I should have tried the smooth white PS3, as it sounds more open. I ended up throwing a coated ambassador on there, using a rolled up towel against the...
  11. Ron_M

    Mesh head bearing edge damage rumors have any truth to them?

    The difference in wear of both felt beaters and mesh heads could be attributed to differences in the construction/type/hardness of felt used in the beater head.
  12. Ron_M

    Remo Classic Fit

    The classic fits do, as well.
  13. Ron_M

    Remo Classic Fit

    Coating looks/feels the same, hoop has the same OD, but smaller ID compared to standard ambassador (for better fitment on tight drums) and the logo is much cooler
  14. Ron_M

    Your recommendation on backrest thrones?

    A lot of people speak highly of the soundseat. Different seat, back, and base options:
  15. Ron_M

    Has "playing for the song" changed?

    Very rarely do I hear a cover I like (it's really difficult to to do justice to the original), and I definitely don't want to hear a chopped-up version. Has playing for the song changed? Not from my point of view. I want to hear a unique approach that suits the music, including effective use of...
  16. Ron_M

    Why Aren't Most Drum Thrones Square?

    Fixed it for you, lol
  17. Ron_M

    Evans Hydraulic

    Your tuning matters a lot with these heads. If you tune them low and loose, they are pretty dead (like most heavier heads), but tune them up and they have a nice warm resonance with a decent amount of sustain. I think either way is fine, depending on what sound you're trying to achieve. Some...
  18. Ron_M

    Drums with Double 45 Edges

    This is not my experience with Precision. For my 3-ply Ludwig, they used the original edge profile. I'm guessing they can do most vintage edge profiles without too much trouble.
  19. Ron_M

    Extensive Review of Resotune II

    My original comment was just to offer a tip to facilitate drum tuning by ear (which I am a proponent of, whenever possible). I'm not arguing the accuracy of the resotune vs the human ear, and the bar of diminishing returns. I think tuning devices are useful for those that just can't manage...
  20. Ron_M

    Extensive Review of Resotune II

    All I can say is, tapping and listening for note beating works great for me in clearing the head, I don't have an issue with "...compared to you tapping, which will be different every time you do it." If I tap by a lug, it's a consistent note. This isn't that complicated...that is, unless your...