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  1. Jeremy Bender

    That's Not What I've Been Told! Drum Sound Physics

    In keeping with the fine tradition of analyzing scientific theoretical philosophy that this forum does, I found a heavy dose of information on shell design we all can discuss. Truth told I'd love to have a set of rosewood thick shell Phonics.
  2. Jeremy Bender

    Ludwig Modern Serial Number Decoder

  3. Jeremy Bender

    Yamaha from China stopped shipping?

    The Recording Customs & Hybrid Maples has there been a hiatus on manufacturing? There seems to be less of them available at the big stores and online retailers than in the past. Not just full kits but individual drums.
  4. Jeremy Bender

    Is V.F. quality slipping?

    I just received some pairs of Vic Firth 55A sticks in the mail from their website (granted they use a third-party store to ship from) I've used that size for years, but these feel softer than they have in past decades. Maybe a little higher water content in the wood is the reason? A different...
  5. Jeremy Bender

    Equipment demonstration videos that unintentionally became an audition tape

    While watching some equipment demonstration videos from Drumazon featuring Rocky Morris and some other drum stores, the thought occurred to me is it possible that while some of us have simply been demo'ing gear for others to hear, could that exposure lead to a gig? Not intentionally mind you...
  6. Jeremy Bender

    A Classical Musician's first hearing of a drum solo...

    And it was of the Professor of the drumkit. What's cool is how she's hip to his artistry even though she's from a very different world musically. Listen to her reaction.
  7. Jeremy Bender

    A Drummer played the part.

    The character of Sam might not have the biggest role in “Casablanca,” but he’s responsible for playing the song that’s become synonymous with the film. “As Time Goes By” is one of the most beloved songs in movie history, but there’s something that people may not have realized about how it was...
  8. Jeremy Bender

    What's up with Sonor's marketing decisions?

    Can we get a maple kit built in their German factory in America without the year wait and exorbitant cost of an SQ2 order? Prolites were great drums, was it KHS or the company's decision to basically stop making them available?
  9. Jeremy Bender

    A drummer association word game.

    ex: Big bass drum, lightning hands, scowl face = Balloon pants, mullet hair, piccolo snare = Next person answers a type of clue given clue - you get the idea...
  10. Jeremy Bender

    Harold Jones Ludwig Super Sensitive Snare Cleaning

    Video of an amazing restoration job at Steve Maxwell's shop featuring some fantastic drumming by Harold Jones with the Basie band.
  11. Jeremy Bender

    Are High End Drums a Giant Waste of Money?

    Words of wisdom from Rob Brown
  12. Jeremy Bender

    Words of wisdom from Mark King

    Level 42 frontman Mark King with his decades of professional experience shares a chat with a youngster... After listening what are your thoughts?
  13. Jeremy Bender

    Jazz Landmark Lost

    A piece of music history. Bummer...
  14. Jeremy Bender

    Music in education thoughts

  15. Jeremy Bender

    Is there a drum finish similar to WMP that's not a wrap?

    Something like a lacquer or paint job that could approximate the look of white marine pearl but not be a wrap?
  16. Jeremy Bender

    The only three left...

  17. Jeremy Bender

    Adding brass hoops to a Supraphonic

    So I ordered a triple flanged hoop made of brass to put on my Ludwig Bronze and man it really made a nice difference in sound, it opened the drum up with more tone color and sensitivity than the stock Ludwig hoops. Once the clear lacquered version of these become available from DFD I'll order...
  18. Jeremy Bender

    Snare Wire Comparison - Steve Maxwell's Shop

    Interesting to hear the differences in this demo. The brass sound slightly brighter than the stock Ludwig wires to my ears.