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  1. ottog1979

    Using the Cymbal Collection

    Like most of us, over time I've gathered up a collection of cymbals & hats buying here & there for differing sounds that I really liked. But I've found that nearly always I gig out with the same favorite set. I don't end up using and customizing certain cymbals for certain gigs or bands. I...
  2. ottog1979

    How Many Gigs a Month Do You Currently Average?

    Sort of continuing the line of this thread, with a slightly different bent, how many gigs do you average a month? Just curious to see the numbers. I've just auditioned and won the drum chair in a band that...
  3. ottog1979

    I Forgot Something...

    Last week. Embarrassingly, it was the first meeting with the the band at a one-time run- thru before a sub gig. Only the second time I've ever forgot something in 20 years of playing. Found a surprisingly workable solution in the moment. But I've now rearranged the gear for my gigging kits so...
  4. ottog1979

    Poly Rhythm Fun!

    Saw this on Facebook this morning and loved it!
  5. ottog1979

    Last Saturday Live Stream of My Original Band

    Hey DW peeps! This is my band's live stream from Saturday. We've quickly risen to one of the most-watched streams on the host's website in just a couple days. A little over 100 to go and we'll be #1. It'd be great if you would help out with at least 30-second listen. I've linked to one of...
  6. ottog1979

    My band's latest video release!

    I think this is better than the first one (a few months ago): Certainly, it was more fun to make!
  7. ottog1979

    And FINALLY, some live gigging!

  8. ottog1979

    My Band's Just Released Video

    In the absence of gigs, my band's been working on a new album and I'm really having fun with it. Here's the song we decided to put out on video. We're recording "old school" method, straight-through takes without DAW editing/re-arranging (although vocal & guitar overdubs where appropriate)...
  9. ottog1979

    Connecting with Other Musicians On Line

    So the "How do you describe your playing on CL" thread prompted this question: What sites other than CL do you find are the most useful in meeting other musicians when you need to fill a vacant band position? I'm in San Diego and have used Bandmix but it's about the same as CL.
  10. ottog1979

    Alternative to Tama Rhythm Watch RW200?

    I need it less consistently than I used to, but I use a Tama RW200 on my kit at gigs to be sure the band gets song tempos right and to avoid the "stage adrenaline rush". I used the 30-spot programmable feature and my little personal system works great for me keeping things super groovey...
  11. ottog1979

    Staying in the Pocket over the entire gig

    Had two gigs with the same band this weekend (I'm in two). The second gig, Sunday afternoon, was killer. The band played great, in the groove and was well-received with a full dance floor for nearly all of the 3 hours. So I was thinking during and after the gig... At times elusive, but...
  12. ottog1979

    The Second Snare

    I use a second snare for different voicing on a handful of songs for the night (4-set cover band). Not so much using the second snare often in many songs but instead switching out for specific songs. My main snare is medium-low for most rock. The switch-out snare is higher voiced. Just...
  13. ottog1979

    How Long to Find a Band...

    ...that you can be in for a while? I'm wondering about experiences of others in this regard. How hard has the been for you? Was it quick or did it take a lot of trial & error? What do you put up with to be in a good band with gigs but difficult personalities (if at all or anything)? It...
  14. ottog1979

    Simple Audio Editing Software?

    A few months back I bought a Zoom H1 for practice and gig recording. It's a great tool! I'm looking for some simple software to edit clips of songs and perhaps re-arrange songs. Want something simple as I don't have enough time to invest in getting up to speed with a ProTools or Ableton Live...
  15. ottog1979

    How long do you get out of a pair of sticks?

    I'm not talking about breaking them. I practice almost daily for an hour or so and rehearse twice a week with bands for 3 hours each. I seem to get only 2-3 weeks out of a pair of sticks at best. Mostly hi-hat but also cymbal playing chips the shoulders down and at some point changes...
  16. ottog1979

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    Just for some interesting fun, if you're not lucky enough to make a living playing or in music, what do you do for a living? Disclaimer/guidance: I participate in another non-music related forum and posts to this question were varied and interesting. That said, it devolved into how much...
  17. ottog1979

    Weaning from Click/Live BPM/Click Tracks?

    The last few months I've really been focusing on keeping a steady meter. It became apparent that I didn't always do this and drifted BPM more than I'd like to admit or was aware of prior to now. So, I've been using a programmed metronome to get band songs started and Live BPM during the song...