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  1. sacco

    Should I get a Steel snare?

    I agree in principle, but I would like to relate a little personal experience. Some time ago I found a 5" steel Tama King Beat snare drum, in acceptable condition despite its age. After cleaning it up well and replacing the old ultra-beaten heads with Remo Ambassadors (coated top), I played it...
  2. sacco

    Groovy, Strange And Busy

    Not sure I really understand what «all the instruments were recorded on top of the drum track - solo!» means (I only hear a "background noise" and a quite free violin towards the end), but your playing is definitely good! And I find the final result interesting ...
  3. sacco

    Natal stave drum care

    I recently completely disassembled an old Tamburo Original Mutenye stave drum, which is a dark and rather hard wood, and put a good coat of beeswax on all the drums and edges. The drums are shiny again and I even have the feeling - but I think it's autosuggestion ... - that they sound better...
  4. sacco

    Ever have one of "those" snares?

    Maybe I am talking nonsense, but have you tried checking that the edges are perfectly flat? That is, remove the rims and heads and place the drum on a perfectly flat surface to check that the edges are perfect and have no 'hollows'?
  5. sacco

    Stave snare shrunk in size [photos] - seeking advice

    I hope nobody minds if I do not answer directly ockidocki's question, but I guess that this post can be of some utility in the frame of the topic. Based on my experience, I fully confirm Andy's opinion. I have been playing stave sets since 1991 (!) and currently I have in the same room a Yamaha...
  6. sacco

    Help me identify this vintage snare stand

    I would also say it is a Hayman:
  7. sacco

    best STAVE snare builder?

    Opera shells were redesigned and resin bearing edges were replaced by regular wood reinforcing rings.
  8. sacco

    Music video for new single "Soar"

    Very nice, well played and with interesting lyrics!
  9. sacco

    Two videos from a recent CD recording project

    Maybe not the most original tunes, but your playing is impeccable, your brush work remarkable and your Slingy beautiful (and beautifully tuned, love the snare!). I did like very much the trombone solo on «Alone together»!
  10. sacco


    Cymbals: A 22" Zildjian K ride I sold many years ago to buy another ride that I finally ended hating! For today's standards that 22" would be a little too heavy (not crashable), but I still regret its perfect ping, its volume and the richness of its sound! Drums: my first drum set, a Meazzi...
  11. sacco

    A Guy walks into a music store. 10,12,14,22 everything.

    Believe it or not, right before you posted this I stumbled across this video of the great Alfredo Golino, who has been playing 10" / 13" for a very long time: Alfredo Golino - Bump 'n' Jump
  12. sacco

    A Guy walks into a music store. 10,12,14,22 everything.

    Maybe it would be nice to have 11" / 13" toms: this would probably result in a more powerful 1st tom, yet maintaining that 2" distance between the toms that many drummer criticise in the 12" / 13" set up. 11" toms: am I saying anything stupid or fully unrealistic? However, we know that the...
  13. sacco

    A Guy walks into a music store. 10,12,14,22 everything.

    Since I am not really young, I grew up with 12 / 13 / 16 kits (with a 20 or a 22 bass drum). Then the 10 became the standard, often with power toms, and I must admit that for a long time I loved my 10's. At the beginning of the 90s I even bought a set with an 8, which I found very very fancy...
  14. sacco

    My Former Sky Blue Pearl Slingerlands

    Classy, really!
  15. sacco

    What is your favourite kit you own now and why ?

    That's a wonderful kit! Is Unix still in business? François used to be very active on this forum but then suddenly disappeared and even Guru's Facebook page seems to be very quiet ...
  16. sacco

    What is your favourite kit you own now and why ?

    Definitely the Tamburo Maple stave kit. Easy to tune, easy to play, unique sound, infinite tuning range, looks great (in my opinion). Well, I think that's enough ...
  17. sacco

    Daila Percussions (Italy): Anyone heard of them?

    Daila drums are built in Rome and are quite well known in Italy. Tullio De Piscopo, who probably is the most famous Italian drummer, has used Daila drums extensively: here Tullio De Piscopo with Daila drums and here Tullio De Piscopo on Daila drums and Billy Cobham on Yamaha drums Tullio &...
  18. sacco

    Die cast vs. triple flange hoops

    OMG, I did not notice that you were "answering" one of your previous comments! My fault, sorry!
  19. sacco

    Die cast vs. triple flange hoops

    Well, I've seen 14" snares with die cast hoops and in general 14" (floor) toms have 8 lugs, so ...
  20. sacco

    Tamburo Drums

    Well, we Italians are not known for our linguistic skills, but I think these three videos are worth watching to understand Tamburo's philosophy a little better: Tamburo story and Opera philosophy Tamburo Drums Unika philosophy Tamburo Drums Hand Made Production