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  1. sacco

    DS Rebel Custom Shop wood comparison

    I stumbled on this video, made by Italian drum builder DS, which compares various woods used for their Rebel Custom Shop models, and I found it quite interesting (headphones recommended): DS Rebel Custom Shop Comparison By the way: their website really deserves a visit: DS Drums.
  2. sacco

    Fundraising for saving Roberto Spizzichino's cymbals

    I post this here because I know this is the most visited section of the forum. Should administrators not agree with my choice, I kindly ask them to just move the thread to the right section. I allow myself to mention that a fundraising campaign has been launched by Roberto Spizzichino's family...
  3. sacco

    Alphonse Mouzon urgently needs help!

    I know this is not the right section, but since it is the one that gets most visits I decided to open a thread here to inform all members that Alphonse Mouzon urgently needs our help: I hope no other thread was already opened on this issue: should anyway...
  4. sacco

    Guitar Center work policy: has anybody seen that?

    The issue is already a couple of months old, but was posted on Facebook today by Drum Talk TV ( and retained my attention: has anybody seen that Any...
  5. sacco

    Volume Drums - A meeting with Tullio Granatello

    Even if you do not speak Italian, just go to minute 18:00 and watch the rest of the video or at least around minute 20:00 to discover how fantastic Volume Drums sound (and how well Tullio Granatello plays them!). If you speak Italian just watch the entire video: it is always a pleasure to listen...
  6. sacco

    Cobham's yellow kit

    Lately I have been watching a few Billy Cobham videos, and I saw once again that beautiful kit he used around 1974 ( I always thought it was a Gretsch kit, but it actually isn't, as Mr Cobham himself told me after a workshop a couple of years ago. Sadly, in that...
  7. sacco

    Old and new Vic Firth SD2 Bolero

    I found in a bag an old pair of Vic Firth SD2 Bolero: I guess I bought these sticks around 1992 / 93, when I stopped playing for a very long time. Well, when I started playing again a few years ago, I bought some new sticks, and I bought some new SD2's: the model had changed, but I still found...
  8. sacco

    Villa - an interesting shell producer

    I discovered who built the Hollywood Meazzi shells in the sixties and seventies: Villa, an Italian shell producer still active and still offering interesting products: Probably not many of you know about Italian made Hollywood Meazzi drums, but...
  9. sacco

    My Tamburo Original stave set(s)

    Since I will probably be able to start playing again and I could collect most of my material previously stored at a friend’s place, I thought it could be of some interest to present my Tamburo Original maple stave set. In 1991 I bought the set you can see in the first five pictures: 16 x 18 BD...
  10. sacco

    Vadim Shubin

    It is always nice to discover almost unknown drummers who deserve a chance to increase their visibility. I came across Vadim Shubin (Russian?) by surfing on Youtube: probably he is not not very original, but I found his playing interesting. Here a link to Youtube, where other of his videos are...
  11. sacco

    You said stave drums ?

    For all stave drums aficionados, have a look at this link:
  12. sacco

    Tamburo Original: maple stave snare

    I recently found on eBay a Tamburo Original stave snare which will perfectly complement my Tamburo Original maple set (see the last picture: this was a minimum set up - with a 6.5" x 14" snare - to jam a little bit with friends). The snare is only 4.25" deep (by 14"), but has an incredible body...