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  1. morguis

    D.I.Y. canister throne

    I always wanted a canister throne: a hardware case that matches drum set finish. The bad news were that they cost lots of money for a seat with standard height, at least Ludwig's. So I thought of doing it myself in some affordable way. A light bulb shined inside my head: I had an old 12" bar...
  2. morguis

    If you are not in love with Gretsch Cat Jazz... you will.

    Just take a look at those limited edition finishes availabe through some online stores. Oooh!
  3. morguis

    Catalina Jazz´s hoops help!

    This is for some advice about Catalina Club Jazz´s bass drum wood hoops and, of course, not only for "cataliners" but for everyone experienced. I got mine´s from 3 months ago and just the other day I tried to fit a Remo Fiberskin Pwct-3. Ok, here´s where my doubts made apear: The woodhoops have...