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  1. Blk Diamond

    We finally moved to a new hoster!

    At least to me, the forum seems just as snappy as it was before Supergrobi. :)(y)
  2. Blk Diamond

    We finally moved to a new hoster!

    Here's my stats: Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=125ms TTL=48 Reply from bytes=32 time=125ms TTL=48 Reply from bytes=32 time=126ms TTL=48 Reply from bytes=32 time=125ms...
  3. Blk Diamond

    Irish Spring bar soap... Ruined

    I used to use Irish Spring bar soap years ago. I loved the scent, and the way it made me feel clean. Unfortunately, at some point about 10 years ago I started to become allergic to it. I noticed that after showering with Irish Spring, it would cause an itching/burning sensation all over my...
  4. Blk Diamond

    Pairing Cymbals

    I have four crashes that are the same model, just different diameters. (16”, 17”, 18”, and a 19”)
  5. Blk Diamond

    Pairing Cymbals

    Hi PearlBeats, Welcome to the Drummerworld forum! I’d go with an 18” Zildjian A Medium Thin crash, so the jump in tone isn’t as large. As a hard rocker myself, I use a set of Paiste 2oo2’s regular crashes. From left to right on my kit I have a 16”, 17”, 18”, and 19” crashes. I use the 17” &...
  6. Blk Diamond

    How Things Are Made

    As a little kid growing up, I remember watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood on our local PBS station. One of my favorite segments from the show, was when Mr. Rogers would play a film clip showing how something was made. I found it fascinating (almost magical) to see how something like let's say an...
  7. Blk Diamond

    How to fix this hole in the Tom

    One standard, Pearl tom-arm mount sized hole in the afore mentioned toms (including the vent hole), is not going to alter the sound by any perceivable level audible to human ears. Measurable to advanced scientific equipment maybe (sure, why not), but not most human ears. Yes, a drum with a...
  8. Blk Diamond

    How to fix this hole in the Tom

    Congrats Rhythm666, On your new Pearl Masters Studio MBX kit! It's 4 plies of birch, with 4 ply re-rings. It also looks like the color of your kit is #154 Midnight Fade. (The same color as my Masters Custom Extra MRX kit, and one of my personal favorites. :cool:(y)) Because of the re-rings...
  9. Blk Diamond

    Just my 3 kids, filling in for another band with bass player drama (video)

    Your kids did a great job! I'm glad that they had a blast.
  10. Blk Diamond

    A dose of Huey Lewis - weird festival setup

    A fine job Andy! Agreed, it's a goofy set up to put a thoroughfare between the audience and the stage. Nothing quite takes you out of the concert experience like having an endless ebb of people casually moseying along in front of you. The lady in red was rockin' out with you guys. :)
  11. Blk Diamond

    Power of Love - Huey Lewis - drum cover

    Great job Ilios! I always love hearing some Huey Lewis and the News, and definitely felt the power! Now, if I could only remember where I parked that DeLorean? :cool::LOL:
  12. Blk Diamond

    Queen Elizabeth II Dies at the age of 96

    As a citizen of the United States, I just wanted to send our deepest condolences to the Royal Family, and to all of our brothers and sisters of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. An unprecedented reign by any monarch throughout history, and truly and end of an era.
  13. Blk Diamond

    Heading to Europe in a couple of weeks...

    Sounds like it's gonna be cool tour Phil! Bon voyage, and safe travels. :)🥁✈️
  14. Blk Diamond

    Burying the Beater

    Hannah, it sounds like you might have a case of "beater bounce-back" that's giving you an unwanted extra beat/hit. This commonly occurs with those of us who like to bury the beater against the bass' batter head. Like WuHan Solo said, the easiest way to remedy this is to port (put a small...
  15. Blk Diamond

    Youtube Help!

    Way to go D! :)
  16. Blk Diamond

    Your favorite drumshop.

    What would have been truly classic ending to your trip to GC that day, would have been if you actually sold a kit to another customer. LOL! Who knows, you might have been the top salesperson in that GC drum department for that week, possibly the month. 🥁🤣
  17. Blk Diamond

    I Have Been Off For Around 2 Weeks - And This Is Why:

    Congratulations Markus, To you and your lovely new wife Gabi! Mögen Sie zwei viele schöne und glückliche Jahre miteinander verbringen! 🎉🍾🥂 :)
  18. Blk Diamond

    Just resigned my position as an officer in a charity organization

    Good for you. Your personal code of honor and ethics led you to do the right thing. You do not want to be a part of any charitable organization that siphons donations to some slush fund for the upper brass under the guise of a phony scholarship. Hopefully, this could be brought to light in...
  19. Blk Diamond

    80’s bangers live.

    Same here. It's that pesky little Atlantic Ocean that always gets in the way. Wonderful job Andy! You and the Fired Up gents are rockin' it out! :cool:
  20. Blk Diamond

    Wood floor over carpet?

    Surely, you can fit that into the overhead compartment, or under your seat? LOL! Lord knows, I'm sure many have attempted bigger, dumber items. Flight Attendants must have tons of stories.