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  1. Bernhard

    Football Soccer World Cup

    DRUM ROLL: A U S T R A L I A - min 10 !!!!!!!_ - but a short party…..France fired the Turbo
  2. Bernhard

    Football Soccer World Cup

    L e w a n d o w s k i ….
  3. Bernhard

    Football Soccer World Cup

    S a u d i a r a b i a ! ! ! ! Wow….
  4. Bernhard

    Football Soccer World Cup

    England: impressive! Bellingham - Saka - Kane - Rushford!
  5. Bernhard

    Is It Legal To Play Drums In The Middle Of The Night?

    This thread is so unreal…a Joke? Of course not allowed to make heavy noise in the middle of The night in a human living aera…..trollin us?
  6. Bernhard

    Scott Travis / Judas Priest setup

    So just added Scott Travis to the Drummerworld Gallery.....
  7. Bernhard

    Reply Box Looks Retro

    you guys continue to amaze me......all things i have no idea....
  8. Bernhard

    Ed Blackwell - missing link to his page

    tahnk you very much -- i take care - very cool Bernhard
  9. Bernhard

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Don't agree - real racing with real Ferraris or AC Cobras is much more expensive - especially when crashing all the time....
  10. Bernhard

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    With my Grandchildren i play Super Mario Kart Live - it combines the Nintendo Switch with a real car running through your home - great fun....
  11. Bernhard

    New drummers (finally....) added to Drummerworld.

    Just added some drummers to Drummerworlds Gallery:
  12. Bernhard


    Please don't forget that DRUMMERWORLD has a Youtube Channel with 376'000 subscribers...... Bernhard
  13. Bernhard

    Where did it go?

    So it is - case closed. Just by the way: The reports from members are very welcome - but they can't erase a thread. Normally the admins have a SHORT discussion and decision is taken 5 to 0. Have a nice weekend - full of love and peace Bernhard
  14. Bernhard

    Ban Hammer

    Grunterdad : don't come back to moderate - but return here to hammer and banning around just for fun - looking forward!!!
  15. Bernhard

    Why Oh Why

    so coolio - love it - the dynamics!!
  16. Bernhard

    Chops Drummer or Song Drummer?

    Is it supergrobi - supergrober or supergrover - i,im extremly confused now?…..?…?? Hopefully help is on the way immediatly - can,t sleep…
  17. Bernhard

    I Have Been Off For Around 2 Weeks - And This Is Why:

    Super Supergrobi - Congratulations to you my friend and Gabi ....
  18. Bernhard

    Is anybody in power in the music industry….

    Please….take out the heat…. It’s hot enough outside. To whom it may concern: All what you say is so wrong that also the opposite is false. Nobody will be banned by the way… Bernhard
  19. Bernhard

    *ended 6/20* Member giveback: FREE DRUM BOOK PIF!

    Ian - Ron Cadillac: that's cool - and Geremy "MazdaRex" donated a big amount to the forum with the remark: use half in your name - so thanks a lot... Bernhard
  20. Bernhard

    The Neighbors of Drummerworld

    this is the animated gif zone (the old farts) - neighbourhood is (the drummers)