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    Are Birch Drums the Best for Indoor Acoustics?

    In the "talk me out of it" Starclassic W-B thread, I believe TK1 made a comment about loving high-end birch Sonor drums and how no matter the ceiling height, they sound good. Shane of Drum Center of Portsmouth also made this observation in one of his videos (see 3:45 mark in video) about Sonor...
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    When Are Drum Shells Too Thin?

    I've been researching drum shells and have noticed that Nordic's maple/gum shells are 6-ply/4.5mm. Are those shells too thin to withstand high tunings over time? Or is it safer to go with 8-ply maple shells that are 5.4mm thick? Neither shell has re-rings. Most industry standard 6-ply maple...
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    Perhaps Silly Bearing Edge Question

    I have been thinking about how Sonor has undersized shells and uses sharp 45 degree bearing edges (except for the Vintage Series, obv). Many have described the Sonor shell as having a tympani-like resonance and feel because of the undersize mixed with the sharp edge. Would a Spaun Drum double...
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    Unix Drums Back

    Just saw via FB that Unix Drums is back. They’ve been away doing R&D.
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    Marcus Gilmore’s New Zildjian Ride?

    Anyone know what this new Zildjian ride is?
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    Gretsch Brooklyn Question

    Can you request the Gretsch Renown tom bracket for a Brooklyn kit (instead of the usual RIMS system that comes with the Brooklyn)? Does anyone know if the Renown tom bracket allows the same amount of sustain/resonance as the RIMS system? Lastly, so many folks here love the Renowns. Is a...
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    Expensive Bop Kit Poll

    If you could let go of the coin (and obviously like bop kits), which high-end bop kit would you splurge on and why? Sonor SQ2 Gretsch USA Custom Canopus RFM Noble & Cooley CD Maple Note: I chose the following not only because of personal interest (to my ears) but also because of...
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    Istanbul Cymbals

    I hear most folks talk about Istanbul Agop cymbals with reverence. What is the general opinion/assessment of Istanbul Mehmet cymbals? Are they considered "as good" as Agop?
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    Portland Drum Co.

    Hey Folks: I hadn't heard of this drum shop until recently, so I thought I would share a video demo I found of a Portland Drum Co. bop drum set: (Playing starts at 1:50) PDC uses Nordic shells, which is quickly becoming the new "Keller" standard as Keller ceases shell making. Pork Pie and...
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    Joe Farnsworth Solo on Sonor AQ2

    From last week: Joe Farnsworth awesome solo on what looks to be either an old set of Sonor Force or current AQ2 (ie, not high end). Snare looks like an old Rogers? Great playing!
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    Ludwig Finishes

    Does anyone know if it is still possible to get electro-static blue or yellow glitter finishes for Ludwig drums (classic maple, classic oak, etc.)? They used to be available for these kits, but I am not seeing them listed on the finishes options via Ludwig's site.
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    Closest Match to Bill Stewart Ride?

    I’m revisiting an old topic. I’m trying to find a ride that has a Bill Stewart sound and would like to know what you all would suggest. I’m thinking Bosphorus SW Syncopation rides, maybe Zildjian 20” special dry crash cymbal, Agop Lenny White Epoch ride, Agop signature ride? Would Paiste Dark...
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    Gretsch Renown & DW Performance: Why $$ Difference?

    I know a lot of folks here love the Renowns, and a lot of folks seem more 50/50 about DW drums. The Performance kit appears to be a nice, quality set with wide tuning range/applicability, and the same is true of the Renowns. So, why are the Performance drums so much more expensive? Is it simply...
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    DW Purplecore Bop Demo

    The guys at Mostly Bop Drums have just posted a new bop demo video of a DW Collectors purpleheart/cherry set: Curious what folks think about bop sound here since woods are not maple.
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    Some Bill Stewart Jazz on a Tama SC Performer

    Cool video of a guy playing Bill Stewart on a set of maple/birch Starclassic Performers:
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    Canopus or INDe?

    Just wondering what folks think about the Canopus Ash kits versus the INDe Maple or Studio Mod kits? I'm trying to assess which kit I'd rather go with (18/14/12 configuration). They are both roughly the same cost (roughly $2200, which is uncomfortably high for me). The pros of the INDe are...
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    Tama Starclassic Walnut-Birch Jazz Set

    Just found this recently posted demo of a Tama SC W-B in jazz sizes (18/14/12). What do you all think? I listened to it last night, and I was sadly unimpressed. But then I listened to it again this afternoon and the tuning (at least of the 12 tom) sounded okay. Thoughts? I'm wondering if this...
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    Tama Finishes: Japan vs. the World

    Can anyone explain why, if living in Japan, Tama offers the Starclassic Maples with the original (cooler) badge and a different, wider (and cooler) set of finish options? Can these be ordered in the U.S.?
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    Simon Phillips' Height?

    Does anyone know how tall Simon is? I'm curious because of his setup: 24" bass drums and deep toms, but the toms are not terribly or awkwardly angled (a la Lars Ulrich from '80s Metallica). If he is tall, then this would make total sense, but he does not seem as tall as, say, Stewart Copeland.
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    Drums with Double 45 Edges

    I am looking for some clarification about bearing edges. I was reading a drummer blog and the author stated that Tama Star drums and Starclassic drums have double 45 degree bearing edges. Is this true? I thought Spaun Drums was pretty much the only company cutting double 45s as a standard...